The Baltica collection - Baltic stories written in two stones


The Baltic Sea has always been present in Anna Orska's life. "For me it is a symbol of freedom and happiness. I compare its immensity to the feeling of being carefree. It is my great desire, my addiction." - says the artist, who on one of her design trips went to Gdańsk, the Capital of Amber. While visiting the Pomeranian workshops, the designer expanded her knowledge with valuable information provided by the staff of the Amber Museum in Gdańsk and enthusiasts of this unusual stone. She also had the opportunity to learn the methods of working with the sea gold from scratch and to learn how to process amber from experienced craftsmen, who often learn the craft from generation to generation. "The amber workshop smells in a very distinctive and beautiful way. Under the influence of heat, the room fills with the nose-pleasing smell of burnt resin." - recalls Ania.

Rzemiosła świata - Anna Orska w Stolicy Bursztynu. ORSKA biżuteria w Gdańsku.

The result of this journey is the Baltica collection - a jewelry tribute to the Polish sea. In the artistic jewelry, the designer juxtaposed organic material and plastic, which was created from marine waste. In modern forms she enclosed amber created by nature and synthetic stone created by man. A raw material that formed about 45-60 million years ago and one that took only a moment to produce, but which will decompose for centuries.

Biżuteria z bursztynem z kolekcji Baltica od ORSKA biżuteria

The amber used in the designs was polished on the Vistula Spit, in a small family business. The designer reached for both raw stones and polished pieces carved from a single block. Each piece was carefully selected for unusual color combinations, interesting textures and even tiny inclusions. Once again, Anna Orska chose not ideal stones, but the most unusual specimens, which attract attention with their uniqueness.

 Anna Orska w warsztacie podczas pracy nad obróbką bursztynu,biżuteria z kolekcji Baltica od ORSKA biżuteria

Rzemiosła świata: Anna Orska w Stolicy Bursztynu, Anna Orska w warsztacie podczas obróbki bursztynu

Biżuteria z bursztynem z kolekcji Baltica od ORSKa biżuteria w warsztacie ORSKA

Pieces of amber of various colors and clarity levels (from clear golden through milky yellow to green, cognac and multicolor) were combined in the ORSKA workshop with a synthetic stone in a shade of teal green. The enthusiasts from the Boomplastic group created it from old ropes and fishing nets fished from the bottom of the Baltic Sea by the Mare Foundation and fishing organizations as part of the "Clean Baltic" campaign. Abandoned or lost ghost nets, never stop fishing and pose a deadly threat to marine animals. That is why it is so important to regularly retrieve them from the seabed. Fishing them back out, however, does not solve the problem. What to do with the huge amount of material that is no longer needed? The best way is to turn it into an object of desire! Anna Orska decided to use some of the nets to create limited edition jewelry. Wanting to keep the collection in a consistent tone, the artist selected the material and then carefully cleaned it.

Anna Orska i Olga Sarna z Fundacji Mare oczyszczają wyłowione sieci rybackie, ORSKA biżuteria

"Ropes fished from the sea depths have the smell of the sea. Years spent at the bottom of the Baltic have marked them with salt. That is why it is necessary to take a close look at each piece, clean it and impregnate it before further processing." After that, the material is ground and, in the form of fine shavings, mixed with recycled granulate. Finally, under the watchful eye of specialists in the process of thermal treatment, it is transformed into circles with an irregular surface, which in the ORSKA workshop were framed in brass.

Proces powstawania nowego, syntetycznego kamienia we współpracy z grupą Boomplastic, kolekcja Baltica ORSKA biżuteria

Ręcznie wytworzony pierścionek z kolekcji Baltica czyli połączenie bursztynu i zielonego, syntetycznego kamienia, kolekcja Baltica, ORSKA biżuteria

Combining the symbol of the Polish coast with one of the most characteristic materials of the 21st century, draws attention to the designer's responsibility for the product and the material used. It encourages us to exercise our right to choose wisely and make the right choices. The contrast and duality of the collection is meant to remind us that there is still much we can do, that it is not too late to take action to reverse the gloomy forecasts. The sum of small steps can make a noticeable change.

Dwustronny pierścionek z bursztynem z kolekcji Baltica od ORSKA biżuteria w podwodnej sesji zdjęciowej

Biżuteria z bursztynem z kolekcji Baltica od ORSKA biżuteria w sesji zdjęciowej Jakuba Wittchena

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