Manufacturing process

The idea

We knew from the very beginning that the collection should be ethical, vegan, and close to nature. We wanted to create organic shapes that come from nature and finish them off with fruit and plant skins. Some of the inspiration comes directly from the Plantis and Insects jewelry collections. We imagined how many daily artifacts a natural sundew would be able to hold, and we knew it was the right direction.

Green bag Drosera was inspired by sundew earrings
First design of the Drosera bag from vegan Vivo collection

The design

First, we drew sketches and then turned them into spatial forms that created visual paper models. In the next step, we replaced simple prototypes with those made of soft cork, which were then used for sewing and gluing. The cork imitated leather very well, so we could see how the seams will be arranged and how complicated the leathercraft process is.

Design inspiration for handbags from Vivo collection

The metal

We decided to embellish the cork forms with metal constructions so that the bags would receive a jewelry character. At this stage, we adjusted each element and checked if it fulfilled its role. We decided to use the brass filings collected in the ORSKA workshop, a side effect of the jewelry making process, so that the metal used in the collection was partially recycled.

The prototypes

The bags from the VIVO collection have original, sophisticated shapes, so we had to make many prototypes for each copy. We got to know the materials and learned how to work with them. The whole process was much more difficult than working with animal skin, so it took us two years to complete the VIVO collection. We wanted to create bags that you will love - perfectly adjusted to the human body and its proportions, comfortably fitting on the hip, in the hand or under the armpit. That they will be a bit like a handmade jacket - sewn to fit you well.

Cration of metal parts of the vegan handbags from the Vivo collection
The inside of the bags from the Vivo collection

The inside

Just as beautiful clothes have intriguing details, your bag has a unique lining. We wanted it to stand out with its intense color and the most environmentally friendly composition. The insides required separate work on the construction. In retrospect, we can honestly admit that it was the greatest challenge in the whole process.

Plant fabrics used in the vegan handbags collection Vivo by ORSKA

The finishing touches

The last stage of working with the product was the selection of additional accessories. We have adjusted the straps and modified their length so that you can carry your bag exactly the way you like it (we know that each of us wears it differently :) We also decided that you will be able to choose a jewelry pendant with an insect for each bag and that you can make a necklace from the replaceable chain.

The production

We sewed the bags in a small Polish leathercraft manufactory. A different craftswoman was responsible for each stage. It so happened that only women sewed them. We hope you will feel this amazing girl power when you wear your bag. The metal elements were created in our Poznań studio. Men and women, hand in hand, took care of every detail.

Handmade vegan handbags by ORSKA
Handmade vegan handbags by ORSKA

Vegan handbags colletion VIVO by ORSKA

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