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Packaging is an integral part of ORSKA's daily life. They protect jewelry and handbags, enable online shipments and help us better organize our work. Wanting to combine aesthetics and protection with the highest quality workmanship and the most environmentally friendly material possible, we changed ORSKA's distinctive and well-loved packaging to a more eco-friendly and recyclable material. It was not an easy process, and we will frankly admit that we spent a long time looking (and in some areas are still looking) for solutions we could implement. But it was worth it! Because at ORSKA, we believe that one significant step is made up of several smaller ones.

ORSKA jewelry boxes and shipping boxes

ORSKA jewelry arrives in your hands in black, elegant boxes made of paper. Each box is decorated with the distinctive round ORSKA logo and lined with a soft sponge to protect the jewelry from damage. Inside you will find another surprise - a black paper disc with a unique fragrance. It is a custom and original blend of scents that has become an integral part of the brand's DNA.

ORSKA black jewelry boxes
ORSKA jewelry for gift

Gift packaging

If you are going to give jewelry or a handbag as a gift, tell us about it! Upon request, we will wrap the box with a blue ribbon and add a greeting card from the ORSKA Team (or with a text of your choice).

Responsible ORSKA packaging

ORSKA packaging - handbags

The bags from the Vivo collection come with special protective dust bags made of raw, unbleached cotton that pleases the eye with its bright, natural color. To reduce the amount of dye, the pattern of the dust bags consists of black ORSKA letters nonchalantly scattered over the surface. We packed the whole thing in kraft boxes, and used paper tape to secure them. To make the box comfortable to hold, we additionally added cotton strings, which serve as practical handles. This makes the whole thing comfortable to carry around.

ORSKA cotton dust bags

Responsible packaging

We try to minimize the environmental impact of our business because we value the beauty of nature and want to take care of it. Therefore, we have consciously reduced printing and abandoned poly mailers in favor of those made of raw paper. We gave up foiling jewelry tags, and the price tag attached to the VIVO collection will turn into a plant if you water it regularly. We consciously replaced round plastic boxes, polyester felt and organza - which were ORSKA's trademark for several years - with classic paper packaging and cotton bags, whose production and disposal have less impact on the environment.

ORSKA pricetags
ORSKA jewelry - online store

How do we ship jewelry?

Before your jewelry is shipped, it is first carefully wrapped in paper tissue and placed in a shipping carton made of paper. The raw, kraft cardboard box is decorated only with a print of scattered ORSKA letters in white. We carefully match the size of the package to the size of the order, but if extra protection is needed, we use black paper shreds to fill the box. We do not use polypropylene tape or foil - we stick the paper label directly to the box.

We strive to provide you with only beautiful emotions, however, if you missed the size and would like to send your order back, we encourage you to use the same packaging. Our shipping boxes, thanks to the additional adhesive strip, are reusable. Just tear off the tape, remove the old label, stick on the new one and voila! Your package is ready to be shipped again.

ORSKA reusable shipping box

Reusable box

We can reuse the packaging you send back! When finalizing your online orders, you can select the option that you want to receive your order in a recycled box. This means that a cardboard box that has already been shipped once can travel again after a short rest. The recycled packaging is secured with kraft tape with a special inscription that says "thank you" for your responsible choice :)

Receipt cover

Receipt cover

An integral part of shopping at ORSKA is the receipt cover, that is, the paper envelope into which we put the proof of purchase. It looks inconspicuous, but plays a very important role! Receipts often get lost, so we write down the transaction number and date of purchase on it every time. This way, even without a receipt, you can complain about the product or freely use one free cleaning. That is why it is worth attaching it to gifts - this way the gifted person will be able to handle any issues related to the product without any problems. But that is not all! On the cover you will also find tips on how to take care of ORSKA jewelry, so that it will be a source of joy for a long time.

Sustainable packaging from ORSKA

How to recycle ORSKA packaging

Use ORSKA packaging multiple times, protect your jewelry and handbags from damage and dirt, or use them as a hiding place for other products. And if you want to throw them away, remember to segregate them properly. It is easy! Made of natural materials, the packaging can be easily recycled:

• O THE PAPER WASTE BIN put: jewelry boxes (without sponges), shipping boxes (you don't have to tear off the tapes or labels, it's paper), scent circles, company prints (envelopes, certificates, etc.).

• INTO THE PLASTIC WASTE BIN put: blue gift ribbon, black sponge from jewelry box

• Cotton bags will help you with storage and organization. They like to travel and fit perfectly in a suitcase. And when you no longer need them, put them in a container designated for unneeded clothes.

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