Plantis - evergreen jewelry herbarium

ORSKA draws inspiration from nature, faithfully recreating its beauty. Strong shoots, healthy leaves and colorful flowers cut from metal are turned into striking jewelry in the ORSKA workshop: long necklaces, dangle earrings and wide bracelets. Plants familiar from home gardens, meadows and forests are hand-painted and combined with jewelry screws, making their design resemble intricate origami. The herbarium of ORSKA jewelry blooms with all the colors of nature! The red of poppies, the blue of forget-me-nots, the deep fuchsia of Adenostyles alliariae and the white of chamomile proudly display themselves alongside the deep green of monstera leaves. Jewelry flowers bloom all year round! So they are a good alternative to natural plants, whose charm quickly passes away. Necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets in the shape of flowers and leaves or with floral pendants, put together create colorful bouquets that add color to everyday outfits.

White flower earrings from the Plantis collection
Artistic earrings and a necklace with chamomile by ORSKA


Chamomile is particularly known for its medicinal properties. However, there are many more reasons why it deserves attention. This herb is not only healthy, natural and charming, but also approachable and unpretentious. Doesn't that sound like perfection? Although the list of compliments to this ordinary plant with extraordinary power is difficult to exhaust, it often does not receive due recognition for its charm. And yet it is possible to be good and beautiful at the same time!

Chamomile jewelry is a well-deserved nod to the charming nature of the main character of summer landscapes. White flowers with yellow centers, gazing at the sun from meadows and pastures, look like its small reflections. To spread the soothing qualities of this blissful scenery around you, just wear chamomile earrings, the floral pin or necklace with white flowers. However, chamomile is more than beauty and health. In Slavic tradition, it also symbolizes true love and bonding. Therefore, accessories with this motif will be perfect as wedding jewelry, as well as a symbolic gift for loved ones.

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White flower pins - ORSKA jewelry
Pink and purple pansy pins by ORSKA jewelry


Pansies are a symbol of family ties and brotherly love. They also function as a metaphor for loyalty and devotion. According to legend, two brothers living at distant ends of the earth used them to communicate. Distance did not change their feelings for each other - the siblings cared for each other and used these subtle flowers to send signals about their well-being or need for help. The Plantis collection features pansy-shaped pins and earrings. Colorful jewelry in the form of a flower given to a loved one can be a declaration of help and a symbol of remembrance. Pins and earrings with pansies given to siblings, family or friends will remind them of your love regardless of the distance.

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Big, pink pansy earrings by ORSKA jewelry


The small blue flowers decorate meadows and forest retreats. Wild specimens are under protection, but these delicate plants are a frequent visitor to gardens and home flowerbeds. They usually bloom from April to May, but in ORSKA their charm can be admired for all twelve months! Forget-me-nots have a wide symbolic meaning. The silent request contained in their name means that a bouquet of these blue flowers was often given before a long parting, such as a long journey. The necklace or brooch with forget-me-nots will be a perfect gift for our loved ones. In this way we can show them that they will always remain in our memory. Jewelry with forget-me-nots is also a good talisman for busy people with their heads in the clouds who need to be brought down to earth in a discreet way.

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Blue forget-me-not earrings by ORSKA jewelry
Pink flower brooch by ORSKA jewelry

Adenostyles allariae

This characteristic flower adorns the landscape of the Polish mountains. Its extensive inflorescence catches the eye with its cool pink color. Artistic jewelry is the perfect statement piece for nature enthusiasts who truly care about its well-being. The jewelry with Adenostyles alliariae reminds us that enjoying the qualities of nature is a privilege, but also a great responsibility, resting on our shoulders. Part of the proceeds from the sale of Adenostyles alliariae supports the Tatra National Park.

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In the world of plants, flowers effectively attract the most attention, and you have to admit that they deserve it. The richness and sophistication of their shapes and colors cannot be compared. While these queens of summer and spring spread their charms, leaves and shoots shyly present themselves in the background. These, although in a slightly more subdued color palette, try to keep pace with the flowers in terms of variety of shapes and sizes, awakening in us the desire to surround ourselves with their soothing greenery. To anyone who has not experienced the pleasure of the company of a monstera, palm, ficus or fern, we highly recommend a visit to a palm house, because it is worth experiencing. In turn, for those already in love with green plants, we recommend jewelry with pendants in the shape of fern leaves, monstera, round-leaf livistona or palm tree, which you will find in the Plantis collection.

Gold leaves earrings by ORSKA jewelry


The Plantis collection features the entire ecosystem - insects, flowers, leaves, and ferns among them. An unusual but often underestimated plant, for centuries it has been endowed with fascination, rich symbolism and belief in its magical power. Fern protects from evil forces, helps those who seek love, knowledge and purification. Fern has the power! It is worth making friends with ferns. Those in pots will have an excellent effect on the air in our homes and workplaces. Those in the form of jewelry talismans, such as earrings with ferns or a necklace with fern leaves, will diversify both daily and formal outfits, and beautifully manifest to others our love for what is natural, pure and timeless.

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Jewelry with ferns by ORSKA


What would forests and meadows be without animals? Among them, the smallest species do most of the work. When the entire Plantis collection bloomed and turned green, ideal conditions for jewelry insects were created. In this way, the ant earrings, beetle necklace, spider brooch, as well as jewelry moths, fireflies and grasshoppers were created. It is now believed that these little creatures lived even earlier than the dinosaurs, and many of them remain today in virtually unchanged form. ORSKA decided to pay a modest tribute to these age-old inhabitants of Earth and reflected them in original jewelry. Shimmering in gold and silver, the insects were cut from metal and connected by screws. The intricate design of the insects allows for observation, but also helps to look at insects in a different, friendlier way.

Handmade jewelry with insects by ORSKA
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