Asymmetrical polished stud earrings from the Body collection

Shipping time: 2-14 days
    • 90% brass/nickel silver, 5% silver, 5% Swarovski Elements crystal
    • The length of the leg-shaped earring is 6.5 cm
    • The length of the arm-shaped earring is 9 cm
    • Studs made of silver

In the latest jewelry line from the Body collection, Anna Orska draws inspiration from the multitude of painting and sculptural representations of the female body. The designer places them in a contemporary context to ask the question: what does the female body mean today? The end result of her artistic interpretation is original jewelry in the form of female nudes, which is a joyful celebration of femininity. The female body in all shapes and sizes has created optimistic jewelry designs that adore the beauty that surrounds us. The handcrafted dangling earrings are made of brass. Thanks to the partially openwork elements, the asymmetrical earrings in the shape of a leg and an arm in a friendly gesture become light and match everyday style. The artistic jewelry goes well with other designs from the collection - a delicate necklace with a pendant or a ring in the shape of a female torso will create an original set with them.

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