A necklace that comes up to expectations

Oliwia, 05/08/2021
A necklace that comes up to expectations

A necklace that will measure up to all expectations? You will surely find it among proposals prepared by designer Anna Orska. To make it easier for you to find the one, we've prepared a short guide.The choice was difficult and very subjective ;) That's why we invite you to check all our designs here:

Necklace - long chain

Long chain necklace is the showpiece of ORSKA - you will find it in many variants in almost every collection. If you like nature patterns, take a look at this necklace from the Apis collection, which was inspired by the tireless work of bees and their perfect creations. If you prefer a necklace with a touch of humour have a look at the Machina collection - there are three propositions waiting for you that will bring a smile to any face (necklace with a robot, lady robot or robot cat). And if you are searching for something that will add glamour, you will not be disappointed by the Rundo necklace with Swarovski Elements. No matter which piece of jewelry grabs your heart one thing is for sure: both large pendants and smaller ones on long chains steal your eyes and attract attention like manges :)

artictic long necklace ORSKA jewelry
Necklace from Apis collection

on a subtle, short chain

A necklace on a short, delicate chain is a perfect solution for minimalists. If you want to discreetly emphasize your charm you can choose a necklace with a decorative lock from the Ray collection. Or reach for elegant and ornate necklace from Thuja collection, which encloses the scent of the forest, fresh dew, gentle sun rays - simply the beauty of the moment. Another good choice is jewelry with a nature motif: a short necklace with a bee from the Apis collection, a chain with three hummingbirds captured in flight from the Aves collection or a ball necklace with a pendant in the shape of a four-leaf clover from the Bery collection that will bring luck to the owner.

subtle, handcrafted necklace ORSKA jewelry
Necklace from Thuja collection

A grand necklace

Impressive ORSKA necklace is not just an accessory - it creates a whole creation. Richly decorated will turn you into the star of the evening. At the same time it will be suitable for everyday outfits - simple suits, white shirts and elegant jackets. If you don't want to remain unnoticed, take a look at artistic necklace from Ducats collection, which owes its highly decorative character to numerous pendants made of old, authentic coins. You can also reach for the original necklace with shells of St. James from the Maris collection or the Astro necklace, whose numerous line bends under the influence of movement give it extraordinary dynamics. You will also find a spectacular necklace in the Nano, Moon, Soda and Rundo collections. The last two, thanks to Swarovski Elements crystals, will make you shine :)

grand, gold necklace ORSKA jewelry
Necklace from Maris collection

Pearl necklace

Elegant and refined jewelry with a pearl will find its way into every closet. Designs prepared by Anna Orska boldly combine a modern note with timeless style. If you are looking for tradition in a modern edition, have a look at necklace from Astro collection, where cord of pearls is divided with brass spikes - thanks to them delicate jewels gain a lot of character! Have a look at the Vietnam collection as well - pearls from the Ha Long Bay play the main role there, so you can easily complete the necklace with a ring or earrings from the same collection. Classic jewelry in a modernist edition will be a perfect adornment for fans of unobvious solutions, craving for unique aesthetic experiences.

classic pearl necklace ORSKA jewelry
Necklace from Vietnam collection

with natural stones

Necklace with natural stones may be found in the Peru collection. Ties and chokers woven in the high Andes were hand-embroidered with natural stones, among which you will find onyx, agate, pyrite, hematite, sapphire. The limited collection is full of unique pieces - no two designs are exactly alike. On the other hand, if you prefer natural stones in a slightly lighter version, your expectations will be met by the colourful Gelato collection, in which you will find, for example, necklace made of stones such as: aquamarine, amazonite, jade, rustic opal, emerald, quartz and lemon jade. Seductive set of small ornaments created a light necklace with a hint of boho, which will go straight to the heart of all lovers of freedom and space.

colorful, handcrafted necklace ORSKA jewelry
Necklace from Gelato collection

Necklace with synthetic stone

Why not opt for a necklace adorned with synthetic stones instead of natural gems? The one you will find in the New Stone collection was created in the process of manual processing of ground, post-industrial plastic. Anna Orska, the designer, enclosed it in her own designs, hand-made of partly recycled brass. Artistic necklace with synthetic stone framed in metal is therefore not only beautiful, but also made in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

artistic, long necklace ORSKA jewelry
Necklace from New Stone collection


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