Bee inspirations in ORSKA's workshop
ORSKA handcrafted jewelry designed by Anna Orska, polish brand

Pollinating insects have always been a fundamental part of the ecosystem. After millions of years of evolution, the existence of insect-pollinating plants and pollinating insects is inextricably linked - one cannot exist without the other. Their uniqueness is evidenced by the numbers! Roughly two-thirds of the plants that appear in our diet can enjoy our palate only thanks to the work of honeybees and wild bees. If our little friends disappear, it won't be long before plants disappear, and consequently animals and people as well. What disrupts this harmonious symbiosis and can be the cause of disaster.

The dynamic development of civilization and noticeable, increased human interference in the natural environment deforms the coherently functioning ecosystem. A key threat to bees is toxic pesticides overused in agriculture. Fortunately, the use of some of them was banned in 2018 by the European Union, which has developed a strategy to protect pollinators. Monitoring the health of bees, comprehensive risk assessment of chemicals and reducing the scale of their use in production, as well as dissemination of environmentally safe farming methods - all this is expected to help save bee colonies and restore the disturbed harmony. It is gratifying that the important role of bees is increasingly emphasized. These life-giving insects have become a symbol of a completely new perception of ecology and inspired Anna Orska to immortalize them in brass forms.

stiff, handcrafted bracelet
Bracelet from Apis collection

Charmed by bees' diligence, the Polish designer created a collection that pays attention to pollinating insects. The artistic jewelry, consisting of geometric openwork, is deceptively similar to hexagonal compositions directly created by striped constructors. Bee silhouettes, which are the main protagonist of the Apis collection, were made using 3D printing technology. Thanks to this method their form is reproduced in every detail, and the tiny earrings on the stud in the shape of insects are a great confirmation of that. The stiff bracelet is distinguished by smoothly changing texture: moving from minimalistic satin to high gloss. The artistic bracelet on the chain with decorative links, on the other hand, attracts attention with its numerous openwork elements inspired by honeycombs, freely suspended on decorative chains. A long necklace with a honeycomb pendant, a magnificent necklace attracting a swarm of bees to its surface or the hanging earrings whose hexagonal elements are accentuated with mother-of-pearl - the jewelry from the Apis collection has been made in the hope that it will be able to match the precision of outstanding natural engineers, at least to a small extent.

hanging earrings ORSKA jewelry
Earrings from Apis collection

Designer Anna Orska
aimed to capture the fragility of existence in brass. Jewelry bees attract the eye and draw attention to a burning problem, which - due to the small size of honey insects - may be easily overlooked. At ORSKA, we hope that with original jewelry, you will not be able to pass by it indifferently.

gold necklace ORSKA jewelry
Necklace from Apis collection
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