ORSKA values: fulfillment

Oliwia, 13/07/2021
ORSKA values: fulfillment

Under the letter S in our name is hidden fulfillment (pl. spełnienie). We are following this value every day while creating handmade jewelry for you. Next to courage (pl. odwaga) and cooperation (pl. współdziałanie), which we have already written about here on the blog, this time we want to tell you about fulfillment.

When designer Anna Orska began her adventure with her own company, she dreamed of unlimited possibilities, the implementation of even the craziest ideas. Her first projects were created at a time when artistic jewelry in Poland was a novelty, which few had the courage to reach for. Ania, a little against the trends, decided to do custom adornments with unobvious materials. The first piece of jewelry, which she created under her own name, was made of no longer needed sailing and mountaineering ropes. The story told by this inconspicuous object captivated the designer, who gave it a jewelry setting. The resulting collection was meant to be just a symbol, a kind of souvenir; however, it turned out differently - the interest with which it was met exceeded all expectations. Bracelets from the Extreme Sport collection in different versions can be found in our boutiques to this day ;)

The support of her family and first customers encouraged Ania to be braver and she began to implement successive projects in the spirit of less waste. Using pieces of tableware, furniture fittings, pre-war watch mechanisms and other elements whose beauty delighted her in her family home, she created necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets with soul, earning herself a reputation of the pioneer of up-cycling in Polish jewelry. And although today ORSKA's jewelry has a steady circle of customers, the beginnings of working under her own name were sometimes stressful. There were many unknowns, many things could go wrong. However, more than a potential failure I was afraid that in a few dozen of years I will regret that I did not try, says Anna Orska and adds: freedom of realizing one's own ideas have no price. Every failure is a lesson, even the smallest success a source of great joy. ORSKA is my path of artistic fulfillment without which I can no longer imagine myself.

This artistic fulfillment has been realized by the designer for eleven years: from the search for inspiration and design expeditions, to the preparation of prototypes and manual craft work. She infected others with her passion - the brand employs people full of passion and experience, for whom the jewellery workshop has no secrets. A couple of pairs of hands every day make sure that you get designs prepared perfectly, down to the smallest detail. Still, some of the designs are personally made by Ania. - Handwork is my form of meditation, it has an addictive energy. I cannot imagine that I abandon my workshop. The clatter of machines and all the smells of the workshop give me a sense of joy, says the designer.

Fulfillment has as many faces in ORSKA as there are people in the ORSKA Team. Because behind every person there is a story. But there is one more dimension that connects us all. It's the need of co-creating engaged brand, which through its activity tries to make aware and support initiatives and organizations, whose ideals are close to ORSKA values. In the past, jewelry from the Apis collection popularized the adoption of bees, specially designed bracelets supported transplantation (raising awareness of organ donation), and the OSCAR necklace from the Love collection helped stray dogs. Taking care of our planet and surrounding environment is particularly important to us, most of the ideas we are currently trying to support affect the ecosystem around us in a positive way. That is why we use packaging that is more environmentally friendly, we try not to use disposable plastic and we experiment with materials (creating necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings with recycled brass and/or synthetic stone made of recycled plastic as in the New Stone collection). This is why, when introducing the VIVO collection handbag line to the brand, we used vegan leather made from plants and fruit waste. And that's why, together with the Tatra National Park, we have created a jewelry version of the mountain lover, whose task is to popularize the knowledge of responsible behavior in the mountains, and the total profit from the sale of pins from the New Stone collection supports the activities of the Mare Foundation - It is satisfying that with my projects is connected the story that is to make people aware of certain environmental problems, and my customers emphasize that it is also a very relevant message for them - concludes Anna Orska.


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