Pin - small adornment, large impression

Oliwia, 18/08/2021
Pin - small adornment, large impression

Ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings - without which element you cannot imagine leaving home? If jewelry is a regular part of your closet, it is good that you are reading this text. You will discover yet another type of brass accessories that will delight you. Pin - modest, but effective. A small embellishment which influence on your closet is definitely underestimated. A growing number of women are discovering its potential and successfully incorporate it into their outfits. Tiny, artistic jewelry looks great in bigger groups, that's why pins can and even should be combined with each other. They match beautifully with other jewellery accents - your favourite ring, beloved necklace or best companion, a bracelet, will be charmed by such good company. Pin is the easiest way to stand out and add a note of elegance and feistiness to simple, everyday creation. See for yourself how much power lies in a small pin and check out the suggestions prepared by the designer Anna Orska.

Pin inspired by fauna

from the Insects collection are little metal animals that may accompany you on your daily adventures. Hand-made grasshoppers, cut from brass sheet and screwed together with watchmaker's screws, are available at ORSKA in three colors: gold, green and graphite, and they impress not only entomologists! However, if you are searching for something smaller, be sure to take a look at the pin in the shape of a mosquito! The disliked insect in this form evokes only positive emotions. Mosquitoes like the company of other insects - beetles and ants. Together, they can form impressive colonies, thanks to which every styling will gain a remarkable character.

Speaking of tiny bugs, one of them is hidden in Apis collection. It is a brass pin - a bee, made in 3D printing technique, which likes to sit in unobvious places: on the edge of a sleeve, on an arm or a handbag. It is worth remembering that these honey insects in nature occur in swarms and this is how they feel most comfortable.

Pin in the shape of a plant

Nature is an inexhaustible treasury of inspiration, from which the designer Anna Orska draws handfuls. Her artistic jewelry reflects the richness of flora. In Bery collection you will find a pin in the shape of a four-leaf clover, which, as rumor has it, really brings luck to its owner! If you like flower-shaped embellishments, you will find everything you desire in the Plantis collection! There is a pin in the shape of adenostyles alliariae, a typical Tatra plant, created in cooperation with Tatra National Park. There are pins in shapes well known to enthusiasts of Polish landscapes: field poppy, cornflower, cherry blossom or forget-me-not, which will be an elegant gift for anyone who would like to have a piece of meadow always with them. Moreover, you can find floral pins in our Nefro (pin in the shape of fern leaf) and Maris (pin in the shape of starfish) collections.

Pin in the shape of a body fragment

A pin
in the shape of a body part sounds intriguing and a bit extroverted, right? Artistic jewelry from the Body collection will make sure you don't go unnoticed. A nipple with or without an earring, a mouth, a nose, an eye - all of these can adorn the collar of your shirt, the lapel of your jacket or the end of your sleeve. Pins in various shapes inspired by the human body arouse emotions, intrigue and amaze.

Modern and smart pins

At ORSKA we also remember about fans of a little bit calmer, classic patterns. Designer Anna Orska has prepared several offers that will prove themselves in every situation. A good representative of this category are pins from the Moon collection - fine, geometric shapes and the combination of two different structures and colors guarantee an effect that will discreetly decorate evening outfits. Pins impress best when combined with other items from the collection - an elegant bracelet, hanging earrings or a long necklace will emphasize the unusual character of the whole.

There is one more design that should catch your attention if you desire elegant and simple solutions. These are brass flowerbeds or pins - tubes, which can easily accommodate twigs and flowers. Thanks to this solution you can always have the beauty of colorful compositions with you. Natural jewelry made of multicolored live and dried flowers is an accessory that will work at any time of year, as a complement to women's and men's outfits.


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