Special task earrings

Earrings. Every woman has her favorites in this area. Some will bet on the long hanging, some will look lustfully in the direction of those on a stick. Small, discreetly emphasizing the color of eyes or impressive, attracting the eyes of others. Classic, elegant or with a modern twist. Designer Anna Orska has prepared dozens of different designs. How to find among her proposals earrings that will meet the occasion or mood? We have prepared a short guide to help you decide.

Hanging Earrings

Hanging earrings will make a lot of things happen around your face! Impressive and original, they will attract a lot of attention. Great slenderize the face and emphasize the jawbone. They go well with buns and various hairstyles. In ORSKA's offer you will find many different designs, thanks to which you can achieve various effects. The Swarovski Elements earrings from the Rundo collection are sure to delight and their sparkle will go well with a little black dress. Those from the colorful Gelato collection will evoke joy - multicolored earrings with natural stones taste like the best Italian dessert and, just like it, raise a smile on your face :) Curiosity of glances will accompany you when you put on the earrings from the Body collection - different parts of the human body cast in brass guarantee full interest of passing people and interlocutors. And festive nostalgia will be awakened by earrings in the shape of mistletoe with a natural pearl or those with a twig cast in brass from the Thuja collection.


Stud earrings

Stud earrings can be tiny, like the ones in the shape of forget-me-nots from the Plantis collection. They may discreetly add charm as those in the shape of four-leaf clovers from the Bery collection. They can gently accent the festive nature of an outfit like the small freshwater pearl earrings from the Astro collection or add character to everyday looks like the brass shark tooth earrings from the Fossil collection. But they can also be glamorous and impressive like those from the Tache collection. Although they resemble nothing so much as small earrings, just like them they are light and comfortable. Earrings made of curved, soft ropes are made for you in three versions of colors and materials: brass, alpaca and copper.


Circle earrings

Circle earrings - a hit of the disco era, which will never go out of fashion. The ones prepared by Polish designer Anna Orska have many incarnations. From the really maxi ones through smaller specimens from the Machina collection, in gold or graphite, with a smaller or larger diameter. Choose your model and wear them as you like! Have a look at the Plantis collection as well - there classic circle earrings have been carefully designed by Anna Orska. Have a look at the Plantis collection as well - there classic circle earrings have been adorned with round leaves of livistona or green sundew. If you still haven't managed to find the model of your dreams, the earrings from the Frost collection should do the trick.


Nature-inspired earrings

Earrings inspired by nature are a very broad subject at ORSKA! Anna Orska has designed dozens of them, because nature is her favorite source of inspiration. You can choose earrings with natural patterns depending on the occasion, mood, preferred size or color. You may also choose those in the shape of a plant you like the most. We particularly liked the monstera-shaped earrings from the Plantis collection, the honeycomb earrings, the hexagonal earrings from the Apis collection, and the earrings with hummingbirds in flight from the Aves collection. Be sure to take a look at the Insects collection too! There are earrings in the shape of ants, beetles and even mosquitoes waiting for you!


Earrings with an unusual element

Earrings with an unusual component will appeal to all fans of original solutions. Artistic jewelry, behind which stands an intriguing story, will be perfect as the main element of any styling. If you are searching for something unique check out Ducats collection - earrings with old coins, carefully selected by ORSKA team, have become talismans bringing metaphorical wealth and prosperity. Earrings with clock mechanisms set in resin from the Vintage collection are unusual artifacts that bring down to earth and remind us of what is behind us. Earrings from the New Stone collection tell of what lies ahead - a synthetic stone made of post-industrial plastic sensitizes us to the question: what will the anthropologists of the future find?

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