The perfect bracelet for you

Oliwia, 19/07/2021
The perfect bracelet for you

Women's ORSKA jewelry, thanks to the variety of forms and materials used, will meet even the most demanding tastes and sophisticated occasions. The perfect bracelet for you? We will help you choose the one that will bring a smile of delight to your face.

Bracelet with floral motifs

The women's bracelet with the plant motif will appeal to all nature lovers, plant lovers and animal lovers. If for you, as for ORSKA, nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, reach for original designs inspired by a meadow, home garden, sea depths or even forest undergrowth! The Apis bracelet will delight you with its geometric, hexagonal pattern, which we have found in an urban beehive. Bracelet with ear of corn from Bery collection will bring back memories of holiday, Polish landscape, delicate chain with four-leaf clover will bring luck, and stiff bracelet with pendant inspired by leaf of round-leafed liwistona will make you spend every day under palm tree ;)

artistic jewelry ORSKA women's jewelry
Bracelet from the Bery collection

Stiff bracelet

The stiff bracelet in the form of a wide cuff will decorate your wrist! The artistic women's jewelry will be a perfect addition to evening outfits. The eye-catching bracelet with a bee from the Apis collection is particularly recommended in this role. An outfit for work? The Nefro bracelet or the St. James shell bracelet from the Maris collection will add character to simple outfits with jackets. A stiff bracelet for everyday adventures is also available in the Vintage, Moon and Mexico collections. Want to emphasize your femininity? The wide cuff in the shape of a female silhouette with a Swarovski Element crystal navel from the Body collection recommends your attention ;)

artistic jewelry ORSKA women's jewelry
Bracelet from the Apis collection

Delicate bracelet

This subtle bracelet will be a great addition to every minimalist's closet. A thin chain with a pendant in an original shape will discreetly emphasize your character. If you are seeking elegant solutions look into the Gelato collection. Artistic bracelet made of colorful, natural stones will match both the summer dress and elegant suit. Delicate bracelet from the Body collection with a pendant in the shape of lips will effectively attract attention and delightful comments. Subtle chain and original pendant is an effective idea to stand out from the crowd, which you can also find in Love, Machines and Fossil collection.

artistic handmade jewelry ORSKA
Bracelet from the Gelato collection

Bracelet with pendants

The bracelet with pendants is the easiest way to surprise not only with the original design but also with the sound experience! The bracelet from the Frost collection is full of handmade elements that rhythmically resound to the beat of your steps. You will also love the Apis bracelet, which will surprise you with geometric pendants in various shapes. Have a look at the Ducats collection as well, where you will find a bracelet consisting of a minimalistic chain and pendants with coins. The Vintage bracelet is also rich in pendants - thanks to the pendants with resin-coated clock mechanism elements you will not find two identical pieces!

artistic jewelry ORSKA women's jewelry
Bracelet from Aves collection

Bracelet with engraving - personalized jewelry

Jewelry for a gift? It's a great choice, because the Revolt bracelet acquires its individual meaning thanks to personalised notes. If you would like to give an important person a unique object that will remind them of the place and date of the first meeting or give a traveler a comfortable piece of jewelry with the coordinates of the house so that they will always remember about it please contact us. The bracelet from the Machines collection also has space for a personalized engraving. But! Take a look at our other collections too and ask us how we can help. Even though not every bracelet has space for your messages we will be pleased to add a short text prepared by you.

artistic jewelry ORSKA women's jewelry
Bracelet from the Machines collection

Bracelet with pearls - timeless elegance

The ORSKA bracelet with pearls is a combination of timeless elegance with a bit of modern flair. The original design by the designer Anna Orska will appeal to all fans of classics with character. The modern interpretation of Vietnam - the bracelet from the Vietnam collection was created by combining irregular sea pearls from the Ha Long bay with minimalist elements made of silver tubes closed with small freshwater pearls. The bracelet from the Astro collection, in which a cord of pearls is divided with brass spikes, is equally original and distinctive. We also have a suggestion for the fans of wide cuffs - a stiff bracelet with freshwater pearls in two versions will add distinctness to every outfit.

artistic jewelry ORSKA women's jewelry
Astro Collection

Bangle bracelet - the glamorous accessory

Is a minimalistic bracelet not for you? A delicate chain with a pendant gets lost on your wrist and you need something that nobody will pass by indifferently? The stiff bangle bracelet is a timeless classic in maxi version! The ones designed by the designer Anna Orska were made in Mexico in single copies. The unique bracelet features elements made of copal wood and decorated with an intricately painted Zapotec pattern with universal symbolism. The author's jewelry in various colors will appeal to fans of XXL jewelry.

artistic jewelry ORSKA women's jewelry
Bracelet from Mexico collection


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