100% for the sea. ORSKA initiative to support MARE Foundation

In ORSKA, we appreciate the work of everyone who devotes their time to taking care of our common home. That is why every year we support important initiatives and organizations that try to solve the most pressing contemporary problems. So far, among others, we have cooperated with Greenpeace and Tatra National Park, to which we have donated (and will continue to donate) part of the proceeds from the sale of brooches and earrings in the shape of Miłosna górska (Adenostyles alliariae), a characteristic plant of the Polish mountains. You will find these jewellery items in the Plantis collection.

The main character of the latest ORSKA collection is a synthetic stone created from plastic that has already been used once, and which had no future ahead of it. The New Stone collection is the last stop on its short route - thanks to the collection it gains a long and good life. Reducing the overproduction of plastics is an issue that requires immediate action. Durable materials are often used only once. Some of them end up in the seas and oceans, where they threaten the lives of aquatic animals, destroy ecosystems, and break down into microparticles, eventually landing on our plates (e.g. in fish dishes).

A sea of plastic is a real threat, not just for homo sapiens. Nowadays, every sixty seconds, waste of the volume that would fill the garbage truck is sent to the seas and oceans. According to a report prepared by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, if we maintain the current consumption and material usage rate in 2050, this figure will rise to four garbage trucks per minute! As a result, by the middle of this century there will be more waste than fish in the seas and oceans.

Orska Jewelry support MARE Foundation

We can't just wait idly. Bearing in mind that the sum of small steps can take us far, we have decided that the total income from the sale of pins from the New Stone collection will support the activities of MARE Foundation. It is the only NGO in Poland activities of which focus solely on the protection of marine ecosystems, with a particular focus on protecting the ecosystem of our native Baltic Sea. The dynamically operating MARE team is responsible, among other things, for the organization of the high-profile ‘Clean Baltic’ campaign, during which a total of 147 tonnes of waste were fished out from the seabed.

Handcrafted jewellery designed by Anna Orska reminds you of the message it carries while you wear it. Two types of universal pins with synthetic stone, which will work perfectly well both with women's and men's wardrobe, can be found in our brick-and-mortar boutiques and at orska.pl.

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Orska Jewelry support MARE Foundation