Special task jewelry: Body Chains

You won't find any weak links in these chains. It's jewelry for special tasks. Discreetly inspired by historical costume, regalia and symbols of power, it breaks the beaten pattern of single-function ornaments. The ring is a ring - its place is the finger, just as the place of the earring is the ear. What about Body Chains? Here, the matter is completely different...

ORSKA artistic jewelry - body chains

Chunky links joined together with perfect precision, form metallic cords integrated together like cobwebs of industrial insects. They were created with the whole body and its three-dimensional form in mind. ORSKA chains should be treated in two ways - on the one hand, as autonomous jewelry, which is glamorous in itself, but also as a smooth ‘canvas’, thanks to which everyone will be able to create a unique accessory on their own.

Because in this case, no rules apply, and the only limitation is our own body - chains can gently wrap around the neck, softly flow down the neckline or, in military style, cut across the neckline, emphasize the shoulders and collarbones, flirtatiously wrap around the waist or fall on the hips. It will be up to the admirers of the brand to determine the effect. Something that has just been a necklace in a few seconds can become a chunky bracelet, avant-garde belt or a powerful necklace. Large links of the chain allow for even deeper customization. Many items from ORSKA existing collections are compatible with Body Chains, so you can freely attach and change them, depending on your mood or occasion.

ORSKA artistic jewelry - body chains

How to Wear Body Chains? First of all, boldly, creatively and uncompromisingly. Designer Ania Orska offers some universal solutions in the presented photos, but in fact they are just an excuse a pretext for your own explorations and metamorphoses. Body Chains will prove to be both a perfect avant-garde variety of an evening creation, as well as an element of punk-rock sets of clothes. They'll play perfectly paired with the most ordinary jeans and white t-shirt, voluminous boho or ethno dress, or even a beach swimsuit!

Body Chains is a proposal for women who like to make statements with their appearance. This is jewelry created for customization, in which no rules apply, and the only limitation is our own body. You decide how to wear it and with which elements of the existing ORSKA collection to combine it with. It's jewelry that invites you to have some creative fun.

ORSKA artistic jewelry - body chains