How to take care of VIVO bags?

Bags from VIVO collection are made of fruit and plant based materials, which may change color and structure over time. Read how to take care of ORSKA vegan bags so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

 Store the bag in the special cotton bag which comes with it so that the vegan leather will not get damaged or dirty. You can stuff the bag with paper so that it will not change its shape.

 Bags from VIVO collection are like beautiful jewelry – they emphasize the individual character and attract the eye. In order to avoid deformation, damage of the strap, and material stretching, do not overload the product.

 Fruit and plant based skins, similarly to animal leathers do not like contact with water. Protect your bag from rain and water. Wetting the vegan leather surface can cause irreversible changes in appearance.

 Protect your bag from perfumes, cosmetics and cleaning products – contact with them may cause irreversible changes on the skin surface.

 It is not recommended to treat the surface of the bag with products dedicated to animal leather. If the bag gets dirty, gently remove the dirt with a soft, slightly wet cloth, and then wipe the bag dry.

 Similarly to natural animal skins, bags made of fruit and plant based materials should be protected against excessive sunlight exposure and contact with high temperature sources (the bags should not be ironed or dried with a dryer or a radiator). If the bag gets wet, put paper or other material inside to prevent it from deforming and to absorb moisture, then let it dry naturally at room temperature.

 Protect the bag from contact with sharp and rough surfaces – fruit and plant based skin can get cut.

Keeping in mind some of the above tips, carry the VIVO bag with delight and enjoy its original shape. Let it serve you well!