Long live the ball! The best jewellery for a carnival frenzy

The magic time of Christmas is behind us, on New Year's Eve night we said goodbye to the old year and everyone looked forward to the next one (May it be gracious to all of us!). The time of meetings, discos and balls has come. With longing we look towards Venice and Rio de Janeiro, cities that are famous for their carnival fun tradition and show the whole world how to make the most of this time of frolicking. Nevertheless, a lot is also happening in the country on the Vistula river. We love meetings with friends, dancing, singing, smaller and larger parties, dances, house parties. Champagne is flowing like water and its bubbles go straight to heads, the orchestra (or Spotify😊) plays on full throttle. We take great care to choose the dress for which we select a matching purse and then look for comfortable shoes to dance the whole night.

This year we encourage all ladies to create their personal style and outfit with jewellery! Long and short dresses as well as boiler suits are the best background for presenting spectacular necklaces, earrings and bracelets. ORSKA jewellery is not just an accessory, it creates the outfit in itself. Gorgeous, geometric forms or shiny valuables? That is the question. We will help you find the best answer!

For a carnival meeting with your friends

Informal atmosphere and people we know well is a guarantee of great fun. We want to feel elegant and stylish, but at the same time comfortable and free. Styling for this type of evening outings is best emphasized with one strong accent. A distinctive necklace or a shiny bracelet on the wrist will add character to simple creations. A spectacular brooch will also work perfectly - we guarantee that a great capricorn beetle sitting on your shoulder will not leave anyone indifferent.

Orska jewelry, handmade artistic jewelry

Both for the house party and the disco

Under the shining disco lights, we want to attract attention and attract curious glances, and at the same time look great and have freedom of movement to spend the whole night on the dance floor. That's why it's best to bet on comfortable stylizations made of natural materials, and then complement them with jewellery. Layered or in a set, carnival is a time of fun, so let's not be afraid to go crazy! Why not combine clanking bracelets with shiny rings? How about decorating both hands - let the brass bangles and chains wave to the rhythm of our movements. A great and practical solution will also be the use of jewellery chains, so called body chains. It will sensually wrap your waist and hips, at the same time not hindering your movements, but you can also wear them in many other ways. Something that a moment ago was just a necklace, in a few seconds can become a massive bracelet, an avant-garde belt or a powerful necklace. The body chain was created to be interpreted by the owner in their own way so that it can match any outfit style and every body shape.

Orska jewelry, handmade artistic jewelry

For the big ball

Great carnival balls do not happen every day. When we are going to take part in one of them we should take advantage of the opportunity and emphasize the spectacular dress with glamorous jewellery. Maxi version is completely desirable! Bracelets, necklaces, earrings - large, phenomenal, glowing. In front and back, on the right and left hand. Modern shapes, intriguing combinations, attention-grabbing forms. Jewellery co-creates styling, adds a finishing touch to your look, complements it. It adds class, elegance or adds a little extravagance or even craziness.

Orska jewelry, handmade artistic jewelry