Nature at its best. Limited collection of vegan bags VIVO by ORSKA

Every day we make choices that affect our future. What we decide to buy matters to the environment and future generations. Therefore, when Anna Orska dreamed of creating a line of bags a few years ago, she knew that she did not want to work with animal leather. The decision started a long process of searching for vegan materials that were consciously and ethically made. Anna Pięta, an expert in sustainable fashion, came to the rescue. Based on extensive research, a list of ingredients was prepared that might as well serve as a recipe for a tasty salad. Non-obvious combinations of alocasia leaves, pineapples, apples, grapes, mangoes, and coconut water resulted in the collection of VIVO bags. Fruit and plant based skins are supplemented with linings made of recycled PET bottles and high-quality fabrics with intense colors, used in harmony with the idea of less waste.


VIVO is the first collection of bags in Poland which were created of as many as six different vegan leathers. The materials produced in different parts of the world were made with care and respect for the environment, from raw materials that are a by-product of other processes (e.g. the production of apple juice or wine). As a result of innovative processing, fruit and plant waste have become materials that in terms of utility and aesthetics do not differ from animal leather. You won’t feel the difference to the touch, but it is there. You will notice it when you take a closer look at the process of their conscious and sustainable production.


To the environmentally friendly ingredients, the designer added a variety of creative forms, structures, and functionalities drawn from the inexhaustible source of nature itself. The original design, inspired by organic forms, was combined with metal elements made by hand in the ORSKA studio from partially recycled brass. Together they have created original pieces with a jewelry character. The bags can be personalized by adding one of the many key rings in the shape of small insects. The collection is complemented by a selection of chains that can be worn interchangeably with the strap. Thanks to the adjustable clasp, they will also work as a necklace.


The bags from the VIVO collection are vegan, which is confirmed by the PETA - Approved Vegan certificate. All designs are limited and have individual numbers. Made in a small Polish leathercraft workshop, they are distinguished by handcrafted, sophisticated construction. The ones made of alocasia leaves are unique, each having an individual composition of veins and colors. The ambassadors of the collection are social and environmental activists: Anna Pięta, host of the MUDA Talks podcast, Paulina Górska, blogger and author of the popular Instagram profile on environmental issues, and Marta Karwacka, an expert on sustainable development and author of ethical fashion blog. The collection is completed by the campaign in the creative concept of Wojtek Onak. Enlarged flowers and fancy trees are elements taken straight from a wonderful dream in which we envision the world of harmonious and balanced coexistence of human, nature, and beauty. The sound of approaching steps and the opening of the door in the video announcing the collection symbolically show that this dream is coming true.


The VIVO collection consists of innovative materials that create original forms, seams that create natural patterns, and shapes that fit comfortably in your hands. Choose your model and wear it on your shoulder. Touch it, open it, close it, and take care of it. Put a little thing inside. Use it in harmony with your nature. Your imagination will give you the best solutions.