ORSKA brand values: courage

Certain values are inherent in the ORSKA brand. Thanks to them, we can express who we are and why it is worth being a part of our world. Identifying and naming them was an exciting process full of lively discussions among all the members of the company. We would like to present you the values that underpin all our actions. On our blog, we will show you how we implement them and why they are so important to us. In Polish, each value is represented by a letter in our brand’s name ;)

Today we would like to tell you about COURAGE, which is the first of the values ​​inscribed in the DNA of ORSKA. It is important to us because it has been with us from the very beginning. At the time when Ania Orska created her first designs and first models, artistic jewelry in Poland was a novelty that not everyone had the courage to reach for. The characteristic design, unusual components and forms, often in XXL size, attracted the attention of the few. And although today the audience has grown significantly, and many young, distinctive brands have entered the arena, Anna Orska’s design remains unconventional. It often steps outside the comfort zone, never ceasing to experiment and look for surprising solutions. For example, take a look at the New Stone collection, which has been adorned with handcrafted innovative synthetic stone made from post-industrial plastic. Or, on the other hand, the Insects collection, i.e. brass insects formed with tiny jewelry screws - before they began to decorate the lapels and cuffs, we had to improve their construction and experiment with color for a long time. These are just two examples of many interesting stories - if you would like to learn more about the unusual materials we have worked with, click here.



The constant search for bold challenges is the driving force of the brand. We do not like boredom, we constantly wonder what you dream about and what we can surprise you with. That is why a few years ago Ania traveled with a backpack on her first design adventure to Nepal. She was looking for authentic emotions, rare techniques, surprising materials and passionate creators who would help her realize her wildest visions. Despite the difficulties, she managed to complete the mission - she returned with a new collection and a model of cooperation that has become a permanent part of our actions. Since then, she has always returned with something surprising - extraordinary inspiration, material and craftsmanship. And a sack full of happy coincidences! Did you expect that from the trip to Mexico she will bring back bracelets, necklaces and earrings carved in wood and hand-painted with a thin brush? We neither! Just as we did not believe that Ania, who has no experience in working in front of cameras, felt comfortable enough to create a documentary produced and broadcast by TVN Style. And yet it worked. Because sometimes, despite the fear, it is worth taking up the challenge.


It takes courage and confidence not only to create ORSKA jewelry, but also to wear it! You share this value with us. Because if you reach for our products, you certainly do not lack the courage. We hope that our jewelry helps you express yourself, your style and character. That thanks to it you can emphasize your personality and beliefs. That these sometimes extravagant designs that we create make you stand out from the crowd and attract the eye. Being yourself takes courage, and you are the best version of yourself. It is great that we can help you with that :)