ORSKA jewellery in the latest music video of the Austrian-French duo Lomboy

Founded in 2014, the band used ORSKA jewellery in a music video to the song titled Friend's Romance. The script was written by the lead singer and the video was directed by Mateusz Białęcki. The action takes place in Japan presented in dreamlike fashion. The Parisian dancers, whose choreography can be admired in the music video, use body movements to describe a love story in which close lovers become enemies.

It is a piece about jealousy and cheating on your partner, which encourages a potential romance lasting only in the lovers' heads. The song is not written from one perspective only: the cheater and the one being cheated on are actually the same person. I do not explain who is the object of desire. It can be either a friend, a partner of a friend, or just a fantasy - says Tanja, the band's lead singer for hiro.pl

The main female character in the video is wearing earrings and necklaces from the Vietnam collection, which together with the futuristic kimono creates a harmonious whole stylistically referring to the setting of the music video's story. The originality of the male main character’s styling is emphasized by the Dissolve necklace. Cotton fringes dance to the rhythm of the fight and eclectic sounds.