Spring bloosom

The spring has already produced fleshy buds, which will soon develop colorful petals. The first leaves appear on the trees, the view outside the window instantly becomes green. This timeless great spectacle of plants flowering is accompanied by birds trilling and chirping. Nature awakens to life.

Such festival of colours, which takes place every year around this time, tentatively encourages us to switch to a sunny mode. After the winter stagnation we begin to look at the world a little more kindly. This spring is different from all we have experienced so far. Locked down in our homes due to the state of pandemic in Poland, we experience it more strongly. We have slowed down, so we have the opportunity to take a more careful look at all its signs, listen more attentively to the rhythm of nature's life, take a closer look at the tiny wonders we usually did not pay attention to being constantly on the run. The abundance of colours pleases our eye, lifts our spirits and again makes us feel like smiling from ear to ear. Inspired by this spectacle of greatness we reached out to ORSKA garden, where metallic plants took on vivid colours, perfectly fitting into the lush, spring landscape.

Orska jewelry, handmade artistic jewelry
A few years ago Anna Orska designed her long-lasting herbarium. It has this advantage over the traditional one that it does not need to be admired only on the pages of the book, with plants separated by parchment. You can actually decorate your own body with it. Anna Orska, the enthusiast of green landscapes and open spaces, created a collection that pays homage to the perfection of natural forms. The designer chosen a dozen or so types of flowers, including both classics of Polish landscapes, such as field poppy, rapeseed or cherry blossom, as well as more exotic types, led by orchid, freesia and fuchsia. The Plantis collection is a tribute to the excellence of the plant kingdom. Natural forms and patterns translated into the language of contemporary design have created original jewellery resembling colourful origami.

Orska jewelry, handmade artistic jewelry
It is not without good reason that flowers are present during the most important occasions in our life. They perfectly emphasize feminine beauty, and when, according to a touching custom, they find their way to the gentleman’s lapel buttonhole, they accentuate his masculine elegance. Full of life and symbolism, they give us joy and hope. However, they have a huge flaw - they pass quickly. If you want to enjoy their charm regardless of the passage of time we encourage you to visit the botanical kingdom in the interpretation of Anna Orska. Earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces with a motif of green leaves or multicoloured flower cups will add spring charm to all expressive personalities. In the rich ORSKA orangery both amateurs of small plants and lovers of lush, exotic forms will find something for themselves.

Below we present a subjective selection of three flowers which, due to their intense, joyful colours, bring to mind a warm, spring climate. We would like to warn you - just looking at them improves your mood :)


These small, blue flowers are the hallmark of Polish gardens. Many people associate them with a joyful childhood, the also evoke warm memories. In ORSKA herbarium they appear in the form of glamorous brooches, earrings and a small necklace. A gold stem is decorated with a lush bunch of blue inflorescence, which was created with the use of watchmaker's screws. The lovely flowers convey a silent request to remember and to have the giver engraved upon your heart. Thanks to this, they can be a significant gift both for friends and family as well as the loved ones.

Orska jewelry, handmade artistic jewelry

The fiery red poppy, a symbol of Polish meadows and fields, reflects the temperament of exuberant women with imagination. It was created with original personalities in mind, whom the designer often meets on her way. The symbolic meaning of the poppy is ambiguous and complex. In Anglo-Saxon culture it is a symbol of memory and heroism, proudly worn on the chest on the occasion of celebration of all the important national anniversaries. The impressive brooches and earrings from the ORSKA garden look great in company of flowers. Poppy seed bouquets - or perhaps even whole flower beds - will emphasize the character and self-confidence of the extraordinary owners.

Orska jewelry, handmade artistic jewelry

Adenostyles alliariae is a characteristic flower of the Polish mountains, which normally adorns the subalpine zone, mountain pastures and the banks of high mountain lakes and streams. The flower vast inflorescence catches the eye with its cool pink and encourages to reach for the plant. In order to make this flower beauty enjoyable not only in the Polish Tatra Mountains, Anna Orska, in cooperation with the Polish Tatra National Park, designed jewellery version of Adenostyles alliariae in the form of a rich brooch. Its structure can be expanded like the real plant by adding pins of different sizes. Together with the small earrings they formed a line of jewellery supporting activities promoting responsible behaviour in the mountains.

Orska jewelry, handmade artistic jewelry
The fabulously colourful ORSKA orangery is a tribute to nature and feminine beauty, which blossoms in spring like flower buds. The impressive jewellery will be a beautiful complement to everyday rituals