Terra & Tache jewellery collections presentation show

In September 2019 we once again organised ORSKA event to launch our new jewellery collections, during which we presented a series of unique necklaces with rock crystal. Natural and uncut, rough stones, hand-framed in silver and brass, proudly hung on long chains. Colourful inclusions, which are fragments of other minerals such as quartz, pyrite and rutile, added character to the transparent crystals. It is thanks to them that each necklace is unique and sparkles with shades of gold, brown, green and even purple! The styling was complemented by earrings from the latest Tache collection. Smooth, thick lines of forms cut in brass, copper and nickel silver emphasized the cool tone of snow-white long skirts, airy shirts and soft sweaters. The setting of the event was taken care of by always reliable Kasia Sokołowska.

Orska jewelry, handmade artistic jewelry


Design: Anna Orska
Direction: Kasia Sokołowska
Stylist: Anna Meczynska
Photo: Jakub Wittchen