The most unusual components in ORSKA jewelry

Anna Orska is known for her experimental approach to jewelry making. As a pioneer of upcycling in Polish jewelry she often reaches for intriguing, unusual components, thanks to which the items and collections designed by her have an exceptional, peculiar character. Unique elements come from different corners of the world, different eras and ages - thanks to this open approach, the designer finds beauty where others do not notice it and brings it to light.

ORSKA is already 11 years old. Over time, many surprising materials have turned up in our jewelry studio. Rings, bracelets and earrings were made from old coins, fragments of porcelain, lead soldiers or tableware items. But that's not all! We have prepared a subjective summary of the most non-obvious materials with which we have worked so far. We invite you on a short journey through the original jewelry with components so unusual that you simply have to see it :)

1. Thousand-year-old wood from the fortified town of Mieszko I

At the invitation of the Poznań Genius Loci Archaeological Reserve, Anna Orska designed and then made a series of unusual necklaces, the main element of which is wood set in brass frame. Almost black, thousand-year-old oak was excavated by archaeologists in the area of Ostrow Tumski in Poznań and then went into the hands of scientists, and served as an invaluable priceless source of information regarding the beginnings of the Polish state. This time-worn but proud and dignified material eventually found its way to ORSKA jewelry studio in Poznań, where thanks to jewelry craftsmanship work it has the opportunity to delight our contemporaries.

Orska artistic jewelry
        Photo: K. Zisopulu-Bleja
2. Electronic equipment components

3Re offers comprehensive solutions for the recycling of electronic devices. As part of the cooperation, the company handed over to Anna Orska recovered elements from a variety of equipment that once faithfully served its owners. Fragments of computers, cameras, external drives, video players or mobile phones in the nooks and crannies of the ORSKA jewelry studio turned into ornamental necklaces. Handcrafted silver pendants on long chains have created a collection inspired by signs of the zodiac, which you can see in its entirety here.

Orska artistic jewelry

3. Fragments of the rock in which the museum was built

At the invitation of Grażyna Kulczyk, especially for the Susch Museum of Contemporary Art, Anna Orska created a line of jewelry using stone from the place where the Museum was established. The majority of the material are fragments of a rock blasted with dynamite for the hall of Mirosław Bałka, an outstanding Polish sculptor. The rock from Susch sparkles with different shades of grey, moving from cool to warm tones, sometimes falling into rusty gold. Encased in a minimalistic round brass form, in the characteristic for ORSKA colours of gold or oxidised silver, it is only available in the Swiss museum.

Orska artistic jewelry

4. Meteorites

The star of one of ORSKA collections was a star in fact, and a falling star at that! The designer created otherworldly accessories from meteorites, the age of which reaches 4.5 trillion years. Wandering through space as asteroids they strayed towards the Earth, briefly turning into shooting stars. Found in Argentina and northern Sweden, they eventually made their way to Anna Orska's jewelry studio, where they donned a modern geometric robe of silver and brass.

Orska artistic jewelry
5. VOLVO car components

When jewelry made from used car parts became a dream of Joanna Karlik - Knocińska, who works in the automotive industry, the choice could only be to cooperate with an artist not afraid of bold and daring projects.’} That's how she found herself in the ORSKA jewelry studio. The result of this cooperation are several collections of jewelry created using various parts of VOLVO cars: from components of the electronic system, through fragments of the relay box, lights control module electronics and electrical wires to the bushings of the gearbox selector. pARTs jewelry is a combination of the man's with a woman's worlds and artistic response to the ecological problems of the planet.

Orska artistic jewelry

Orska artistic jewelry