The smell of the creative process or what does ORSKA jewellery smell like?

The distinctive jewellery designed by Anna Orska is accompanied by a smell which stays in memory for a long time. Black discs scented with intense perfume have become an inherent element of our jewellery, which the brand is associated with. What does ORSKA jewellery smell like? In the face of numerous questions regarding it, we hasten with a story about a fragrance note that was met with positive response, is liked by our customers and has become the hallmark of the brand.

D'ORSKA fragrance was created especially for Anna Orska by Marta Siembab, the only professional senselier in Poland. Exact ingredients are shrouded in mystery! All we know is that individual composition is a sum of very precisely selected proportions and characteristic ingredients, thanks to which sensual impressions stay in the air for a long time.

Where did the idea for this unusual collaboration come from?

When you buy our jewellery, it goes into the packaging, which is later reopened at home. I wanted this process to be a pleasant and memorable experience. I was looking for an element that would make you smile and turn that moment into a beautiful memory. Something that will complement the brand image and will stimulate the senses - recalls Anna Orska. This is how the paths of Ania and Marta, who helped to build ORSKA sensory identity, crossed.

Orska jewelry, artistic jewelry

The D'ORSKA scent reflects the sensual impressions accompanying Anna Orska while she is working. An intense fragrance note captures the moment of inspiration, exploration, travel and craftwork. The kingdom of designers and jewellers, our studio in Poznań, where ORSKA valuables are created, is scented with the specific aroma of wood, drying resin, burnt brass and copper. Everything that is at the heart of the brand has been enclosed in an original scent to give you a chance to experience for a moment the same sensations that accompany the artist in the creative process.

D'ORSKA fragrance cannot be purchased. But it is waiting for a meeting with everyone who wants to own jewellery designed by Anna Orska. An inseparable addition to each order does not end its life with the opening of the box. From well-informed sources we know that most often it finds its way into drawers and wardrobes to spread the scent in our clients’ homes for many consecutive days after the purchase. If every time you take out your favourite sweater, you will feel the pleasant smell of our perfume and you will think about ORSKA jewellery, it means that we have achieved our the intended goal: you recognize the brand not only with your eyes, but also with your nose.