ORSKA jewelery in Cliché-Paris

Impressive ORSKA earrings were the center of attention of the photo session ‘Make a wish’, which was published in the trendy French magazine Cliché-Paris. Jewellery from the Tache, Moon and Vintage collections decorated Olga Jakubowska's ears. Captured in the lens of Monika Strzępa, there are also colourful hemispherical earrings from the Mexico collection, which were made of fruit shells and hand-painted in tiny patterns inspired by the ancient Zapotec culture symbols.

Orska jewelry in Cliche Paris

Cliché-Paris is a French fashion and art magazine that breaks codes, redefines genres and expands the limits. It is a synthesis of what is aesthetically seductive in visual arts and fashion. It tells stories through emotions and images. It provokes. The session ‘Make a wish’ is an attempt to visually portray present human fascinations. Vibrant colours combined with intriguing glances flirtatiously attract the attention of the viewer and encourage them to boldly define their goals and push the boundaries.

Orska jewelry in Cliche Paris

Photography: Monika Strzępa
Stylist & MUA: Magdalena Grycza
Model: Olga Jakubowska / TheManagement
Spódnice: Confashion