Bracelet from Vintage collection

Shipping time: 2-14 days
  • 80% brass, 10% vintage watch mechanisms, 10% resin
  • width of the bracelet up to 5 cm

Anna Orska appreciated the beauty of seemingly outdated objects, gave them a second life and made them the central part of Vintage collection. That way, she emphasized the importance of our origins. The artistic, stiff bracelet was carefully handcrafted from brass. The wide cuff with a satin finish was adorned with an element made of pre-war watch mechanisms embedded in resin. Thanks to the synthesis of modern and vintage forms the original jewellery is a unique symbol that will remind of what is already in the past. A perfect gift for those who like to slow down for a moment in future-oriented world to think and reminisce.

The watch parts in every bracelet are slightly different, making each model unique.

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