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Jewelry with pearls is associated with timeless elegance. However, the definition of beauty of the creamy gems has changed over the centuries. Perfectly round pearls, widely regarded as the most precious, did not find recognition in the eyes of designer Anna Orska. In her designs, the huntress of originality used irregular pearls, whose charm lies in their uniqueness. Delicate soft shapes delight with interesting forms. The perfect imperfection of pearls set in brass created jewelry that interestingly combines classic and modern styles. Irregular pearls are proof that when we stop following the common canon of beauty, we can discover a much more diverse and interesting world. Pearl jewelry as interpreted by ORSKA is an invitation to explore unknown territories. When you step outside the box, you discover a non-obvious definition of beauty that attracts attention and catches the eye.

Bracelets with pearls

Pearls have adorned jewelry for centuries. The elegant beauty of the creamy jewels has fascinated courtiers, poets, and artists. Portraits of men and women from Baroque and Renaissance paintings proudly display magnificent pearl jewelry to museum visitors around the world. No one today can imagine Vermeer’s masterpiece entitled Girl with a Pearl without the precious gems created by sea creatures. But pearls are also present in the works of contemporary artists. They regularly appear on the silver screen adorning necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets of the biggest stars from Grace Kelly to Audrey Hepburn. Pearls were loved by both Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City and Queen Elizabeth in The Crown. Coco Chanel also appreciated them, which is why they became an integral part of her designs. Recently, they have been increasingly featured in men’s closets. A pearl necklace is an attribute of singer Harry Styles, but other singers and actors also like to reach for jewelry with pearls.

Pearls - how are the sea jewels created?

The pearl is born as a result of the irritation of the mantle of a bivalve (much less frequently also of a snail) by a foreign body, such as a grain of sand. The organism, defending itself, secretes calcareous substances that cover the intruder. Successive layers overlap, over time forming a unique object. Naturally, pearls are formed in the animal organism, so they are not a vegan product. Their less expensive alternative is synthetic pearls. Pearls are grown in closed and closely guarded cultures, usually in Asia. The water they live in must have the right temperature and salinity level, and must be extremely clean. The better conditions the animals have, the more valuable pearls they create.

Pearls - the most valuable specimens and colors

The birth of a pearl is a very time-consuming process - it takes several years. The most valuable pearls are those that are perfectly round, without any blemishes and light in color. However, in addition to white and beige pearls, there are also specimens in shades of pink, blue, and even black. Not all of them are perfectly spherical, there are elongated, drop-shaped pearls, as well as completely non-spherical ones with irregular soft shapes. Pearls that have no jewelry value are ground into a fine dust of calcium carbonate, which is used in cosmetics and medicines.

Pearls adorned scepters, crowns and royal jewelry hence they can often be found in museums. But sometimes they also end up there for a completely different reason, such as their size. The largest specimen discovered is in London. Munich, on the other hand, is home to the most original one. The Palatinate Pearl is a unique, two-color specimen - pearly white on one side and completely black on the other. So rare and unprecedented that some experts consider it a forgery!

Pearl jewelry

Anna Orska has been fond of pearls for many years. The designer traveled to Vietnam to see with her own eyes what a pearl farm looks like. And although she ultimately failed to get hired at the farm (read more on our blog), her love for the sea jewels grew even stronger. Since then, pearls in various shapes, colors, and sizes have regularly appeared in ORSKA’s jewelry collections.

Which pearl bracelet to choose?

Delicate pearl bracelet

The delicate freshwater pearl bracelet from the Astro collection is a good choice for those who are looking for a discreet and elegant decoration. The delicate string of pearls is combined with a gold or graphite-colored decorative toggle clasp. The fine cream-colored pearls are subtly iridescent, giving the design a three-dimensional and warm look. The bracelet looks good styled with the pearl earrings from the Astro collection or the drop earrings from the Parer collection. Pearl jewelry matched with black minimalist clothes will shine like stars in the night sky. A spectacular effect is guaranteed!

Double pearl bracelet

Classic string of pearls, but make it double! The double pearl bracelet from the Soda collection is a subtle combination of classic and modern style. The delicate pearl bracelet is enhanced with an additional string of pearls and decorated with a decorative toggle clasp.

Black and white pearl and onyx bracelet

Bright pearls enjoy extra company! That’s why Anna Orska combined the delicate cream-colored gems with black onyxes. The contrasting bracelet from the Parer collection comes in a single version. It is decorated with a brass element of irregular soft shape and a large pearl. In the Vietnam collection, on the other hand, the elegant combination of black and white can be found in the double bracelet. The string of bright pearls contrasts with the string of fine onyx, and the whole is decorated with a large pearl in the center. The classic duo in the new version looks good with both evening and everyday outfits. The strong color combination harmonizes with the delicate design.

Modern pearl bracelet

Traditional material framed in modern forms that surprise and amaze! The cuff bracelet with pearls from the Astro collection proves that jewelry with pearls does not have to be boring. So if, like us, you would like to look at the famous gem from a new perspective, this bracelet is for you. The wide cuff will work well as a decoration for the sleeves of a classic shirt, preferably worn on both wrists. It looks good paired with the original pearl ring from the Vietnam collection. A set of pearl jewelry can be unconventional and match your style.

Impressive pearl bracelet

A pearl bracelet can be small and delicate, but who says a maxi version isn't equally elegant? The pearl bracelet from the Parer collection proves that the impressive forms look just as tasteful as the small ones. A string of elegant large pearls can also be juxtaposed with bold rock culture-inspired styling. To prove this, Anna Orska decorated her pearl bracelet designs with brass spikes (Astro collection) and handmade geometric elements with a modern twist (Vietnam collection).

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