Inspiration for handmade jewelry can be found anywhere. All you have to do is look carefully and pay attention to details. The ideas may hide in drawers where we keep old coins and watches. Sometimes they flourish in the garden or lie at the bottom of the sea, which reveals its treasures during a storm: it scatters around amber, fossils, shells, and abandoned fishing nets on the sandy shore. Some items which may seem useless at first glance, in the hands of Anna Orska can acquire a new life and meaning. The designer is able to see a great potential in them and turn them into objects of desire. Among ORSKA brand’s bracelets you will notice the variety and creative approach to raw materials. Delicate and bold chains, ropes, strings of natural stones, and brass links are decorated with original pendants, thanks to which you will discover the richness of materials and forms.

Bracelets with pendants

Blueberry and topaz bracelet Blueberry and topaz bracelet
Vendor: ORSKA
Price: €85.00
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Bracelet from the Bery collection with boxwood leaves Bracelet from the Bery collection with boxwood leaves
Vendor: ORSKA
Price: €90.00
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Elegant bracelet from the Bery collection Elegant bracelet from the Bery collection
Vendor: ORSKA
Price: €105.00
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Bracelets with pendants will effectively decorate your wrists. With the addition of original ornaments, attached to bold and delicate chains, everyone will find a design for themselves. Among the proposals prepared by designer Anna Orska, you will find both motifs inspired by nature and elements used in accordance with the idea of upcycling. Creativity according to ORSKA knows no limits and draws handfuls from everything that surrounds us. See what you can discover among our bracelets!

Bracelet with coin pendant

We decorated a classic chain made of wide links with an old coin framed in a brass element. This gave the traditional bracelet a modern look. The old coins used in the design come from different times and places. They bear traces of use and thousands of stories that they have witnessed. The past written in the coin pendants adds to the uniqueness of each bracelet, making it one-of-a-kind and special. The bracelet with a coin pendant looks great solo, but it also enjoys the company of other designs from the Vintage collection. Styled with the bracelet with old watch parts, they will form an original duo.

Bracelet with colorful beads

The delicate and feminine beaded bracelet is decorated with delicate pendants inspired by nature. The bracelet from the Bery collection is adorned with brass pendants in the form of cast boxwood leaves. The tiny leaves make the whole design look very light and subtle. The single version of the bracelet is available in green, while the double version consists of natural stones in black. On the other hand, in the Maris collection, you will find a single bracelet made of red natural coral beads and decorated with pendants inspired by the coral reef. You can create a personalized colorful set by combining all three bracelets on your wrist. Color has the power!

Bangle bracelet with a pendant

The original bangle bracelet with a pendant is more elegant. This is a classic model, which thanks to original pendants gained a modern character. You can find the bangle bracelets by ORSKA in the Plantis collection or in the Vintage collection. The first one is decorated with a footstool palm leaf pendant. The plant motif inscribed in a circular form created a striking openwork ornament. You can match the bracelet with earrings with the same motif - so the beauty of nature will comprehensively decorate your styling. The bangle bracelet from the Vintage collection is decorated with a small pendant of round shape. The pendant is filled with watch mechanisms, which were carefully embedded in resin in the ORSKA workshop. The original parts come from various vintage watches that the designer has collected over the years. No two bracelets are the same, each piece is different and unique. This uniqueness makes the bracelet an interesting gift idea for people who like to have a good time.

Bracelet with charms

If you like it when your bracelet makes a subtle sound to the rhythm of your steps, be sure to take a look at ORSKA bracelets with multiple pendants. The one from the Vintage collection was decorated with elements with watch mechanisms embedded in resin and other brass elements, for example, in the shape of a key. Thanks to the large chain links, the bracelet can be fastened anywhere. Each pendant is detachable, so you can attach it anywhere - it is only up to you how the bracelet will look like. The personalized bracelet will work in any situation and with any styling - it will reflect your mood and needs at a given moment.

A bracelet with multiple pendants is also available in the Maris collection and the Eternal collection. The first one was decorated with pendants in shapes inspired by sea adventures: seashells, starfish, and other inhabitants of the underwater world. The bracelet from the Eternal collection was decorated with irregular pendants of various shapes. It is a collection of symbols that have their origin in tribal stories, legends, and myths. Both bracelets are adjustable, light, and comfortable. Thanks to the variety of pendants they are also very ornate.

Bracelet with delicate pendant

Delicate jewelry also can attract attention and tell an interesting story. A small accent in the form of an original pendant is enough to give it an interesting character. Designer Anna Orska knows how to do it! The bracelet from the Pills collection was created by combining a ball chain and a brass tablet with a decorative inscription "Love". The charm of the bracelet from the Fossil collection is the combination of a fine chain with a Byzantine weave and a pendant in the shape of crab claws. It is the unconventional accessory that makes the bracelets a unique accessory. The classic chain-link bracelet from the Tattoo collection was adorned with a pendant with an engraved tattoo made by Slawek Frączek. Inspired by Japanese culture, the image of a peony is at once bold and very feminine. Thanks to the original pendant the elegant and classic accessory gained an interesting look. The bracelet from the New Stone collection proves that popular motifs can be approached differently. The large irregular links are decorated with a small pendant with a handmade synthetic stone, which reminds us that we are responsible for all the goods that we produce. Thus, the bracelet is not only a beautiful jewelry piece, it is also a carrier of a meaningful idea.

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