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The play of light and shadow captured in nature continues even under closed eyelids. The glimmer easily penetrates where other images have no access and flashes with warm spots. It encourages you to take another look, one last time. The Ray collection is a temptation to open your eyes and look straight into the light again. Tiny balls on the edges of the wheels, faceted coloured crystals and gently hammered surface play with light reflections. Dynamic, dancing with the rays, the collection combines the beauty and power of the sun, kindles passions, ignites the senses.

How our jewerly is created?

Each piece of ORSKA jewelry is finished or created from scratch by a team of jewelers and enthusiasts in our Poznań workshop. Before they find their way into your hands, earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces are born under the watchful eye and gentle touch of our craftsmen. Every day, it takes many pairs of hands to make sure that you will receive a completed down to the smallest detail and perfectly prepared piece of art. Although everyone specializes in a different area, everyone agrees that hand work has an addictive energy.Check it out!


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