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The SODA collection inspired by foaming champagne brings to mind a celebration of fleeting, exceptional occasions. A moment of forgetfulness in joy, celebration and the present - passing like a bubble bursting in a glass - captured in the culminating moment, pleases us with its prolonged and complete existence. Anna Orska has put traditional elegance of pearls in juxtaposition to the playfulness of the crystals, embedded in brass elements made in 3D printing technology. The pearly, creamy white that is illuminated by Swarovski Elements crystals has been clearly contrasted with the graphite grey of metal. ORSKA presents a strong and firm motif for all those who deserve a toast.

How our jewerly is created?

Each piece of ORSKA jewelry is finished or created from scratch by a team of jewelers and enthusiasts in our Poznań workshop. Before they find their way into your hands, earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces are born under the watchful eye and gentle touch of our craftsmen. Every day, it takes many pairs of hands to make sure that you will receive a completed down to the smallest detail and perfectly prepared piece of art. Although everyone specializes in a different area, everyone agrees that hand work has an addictive energy.Check it out!


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