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When everything is readily available and broken things are not repaired, but replaced, the old things acquire value, and blemishes and minor damages are turned into value. Every scratch or dent in an object has its source in history, it marks the moment in time when people created its story. These people are often already gone, but there are still objects that have taken over some of the energy of their former users. As they are passed through generations, they harden and gain character. They are unique, not possible to be repeated, just like their stories. Anna Orska, appreciating the beauty of seemingly unnecessary things, has made them a central part of the Vintage collection. The designer used pre-war clockwork mechanisms, fragments of furniture fittings and brass handicraft and outfitted them in contemporary, minimalist forms. In a world that is in a constant hurry and keeps looking ahead, jewellery from the Vintage collection is an artefact that brings you back down to earth and reminds us of what has been left behind.

How our jewerly is created?

Each piece of ORSKA jewelry is finished or created from scratch by a team of jewelers and enthusiasts in our Poznań workshop. Before they find their way into your hands, earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces are born under the watchful eye and gentle touch of our craftsmen. Every day, it takes many pairs of hands to make sure that you will receive a completed down to the smallest detail and perfectly prepared piece of art. Although everyone specializes in a different area, everyone agrees that hand work has an addictive energy.Check it out!


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