Jewelry with amber

Baltic stories written in two stones

In the Baltica collection, we reached for amber, the undisputed symbol of the Polish coast, and looked at it from a new perspective. The raw stones, brought ashore by the Baltic waves, were polished in a family workshop on the Vistula Spit, and then found their way to the ORSKA atelier, where they were framed in brass forms with geometric shapes. The minimalist setting subtly highlights the natural beauty of the sea gem. The stones we chose, in various shades - from milky through honey and cognac to green and multicolored - are distinguished by their irregular structure, interesting color palette, and sometimes even tiny inclusions. Amber from the Baltica collection is diverse and interesting.

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The Baltica collection is a story about two materials found in the Baltic depths. Natural, created by nature over millions of years. And artificial, created by man, which, although entered the water barely a moment ago, will remain there for thousands of years. Unless... someone makes it an object of desire.

Anna Orska wanted to show amber, which many people associate with vacation souvenirs, in a different light. The designer set almost collectible specimens, with different colors, textures and transparency degrees, in modern, geometric forms handcrafted in the ORSKA workshop. Artistic jewelry from the Baltica collection gives new meaning to the gold from the sea depths - thanks to bold, original designs, it is again an object of desire.

She also found a new context for it. The artist juxtaposed amber with a synthetic stone created from abandoned fishing nets and ropes fished from the Baltic seabed by the MARE Foundation and KGPR. Created in a manual process by the Boomplastic group, it shimmers in shades of deep green, which contrasts with the honey-gold color of the amber. Thanks to the combination of two seemingly incompatible stones, the jewelry in the Baltica collection is not just an ornament. It is a manifesto: there is an important message behind the form.

Jewelry with amber

Jewelry with amber is deeply rooted in Polish culture and has been recognized for centuries. Formed about 40 million years ago, amber is a Polish hallmark. But this organic, honey-colored raw material has found admirers all over the world. Jewelry with amber was an amulet for gladiators and pregnant women in ancient Rome. Amber was believed to protect against misfortunes, so it began to be a valuable means of payment. To facilitate trade and exchange, an amber route was established between the Baltic and Mediterranean countries. This was the beginning of international popularity. A popularity that led to counterfeiting on a massive scale. Counterfeit amber is deceptively similar to the perfectly transparent original, extracted from the seabed. However, it is heavier and much cheaper.

Jewelry with amber - the most valuable specimens

Although it is most common to find jewelry with perfectly clear amber, the most valuable specimens are those containing inclusions, or impurities. Those with small plants, insects and other animals (even lizards) solidified millions of years ago have the greatest collector value. Amber in less obvious colors - milky, green, cherry and multicolored - is very popular. Specimens with less clarity are also prized.

Jewelry with amber - esoteric properties

One may or may not believe in the esoteric properties of natural stones. The same applies to amber. It was once believed to have health-promoting effects on the human body. Amber tinctures were used to boost immunity, and amber necklaces and bracelets were worn to ward off evil spirits. The negative ions emitted by the golden stone are credited with increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain and blood, and consequently boosting energy, improving mood, as well as concentration. Amber is worth keeping close to the body. If it doesn't help, it will certainly decorate it beautifully.

Jewelry with amber - asymmetrical earrings with amber

For the first time at ORSKA, earrings can be purchased individually. Each is different: there are drop earrings, and stud earrings; some are delicate, others more striking. Each has amber and MARE stone (that is, a green, synthetic raw material created from marine waste) - this duo can be found in (almost) all designs of the collection. You can wear them in numerous configurations and different combinations. Or you can choose a more classic solution and wear a pair of the same earrings. However, we encourage you to be as creative as possible - Anna Orska made sure that the earrings always match.

Jewelry with amber - unique rings with amber

Baltica includes magnificent rings with amber, and each of them is unique. No two pieces are the same, just as no two stones are identical. Each ring features an amber that impresses with its original color or inclusion! Some of the amber rings also have special engraving - Anna Orska combined drawings of tiny insects with remnants of human presence on the beach. The result? Surprising. See for yourself!

Jewelry with amber - original jewelry

The Baltica collection includes rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pins. But there are also some unusual designs. Anna Orska designed ear cuffs with amber, which can successfully replace earrings and find its way into the closet of people who have never pierced their ears. Brooch-necklaces are an original combination of two forms that usually decorate the neckline. They are adjustable in length, so you can attach them in different places.

Among the rings, there are models that can adorn the entire hand and a double-sided ring that, depending on your fantasy, can be worn with amber or the MARE stone on the outside.

Jewelry with amber - necklaces

Among the designs from the Baltica collection there are also necklaces with amber. Small pieces of honey-colored amber joined together and closed with decorative toggle clasp formed a delicate necklace, which refers in style to classic amber jewelry. But there is also a more daring proposal! We are talking about the spectacular necklace made of large stones in cognac shade. Due to the uniqueness of amber, the necklace was made in a limited quantity.


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