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Lava - the element of earth and fire

The Lava collection is inspired by the wild nature of the volcano, which has fascinated and inspired awe for millennia. The calm majestic mountain can turn into an untamed force in the blink of an eye, releasing hundreds of tons of hot liquid rock. Lava combines the elements of earth and fire. It cools down quickly, creating intricate artistic compositions - from almost soft and delicate to sharp and strong. This different character is expressed in two lines of men’s jewelry. They share a handcrafted, raw, and industrial character, but differ in the material used, manufacturing technique, and style. This duality is an attempt to metaphorically capture the complex nature of modern masculinity. The Lava collection is jewelry for strong characters who are not afraid to be themselves.

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Minimalist brass men's bracelet Minimalist brass men's bracelet
Vendor: ORSKA


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ORSKA creates original jewelry not only for women! Many of the designs invented by Anna Orska will work well in both women's and men's closets. Because style does not ask about gender!

Men's jewelry: not only cufflinks

Cufflinks are a classic of men's jewelry. Traditionally pinned into a shirt, they add elegance and emphasize the importance of the occasion and situation. However, men are increasingly reaching for other pieces of jewelry. Handmade pins are versatile and timeless. Combined with a simple blazer or shirt, they look as chic as cufflinks. Worn in a lapel, pocket, or with a belt, however, they have a more casual feel, adding originality and a touch of humor to the styling. Bracelets and necklaces are great for enhancing style and class. Recently, a popular accessory among men, for example, is a short pearl choker. Men are not afraid to wear earrings - both small and more impressive ones are increasingly common male accessories.

We have prepared a special collection for lovers of original accessories

Following the voice of the male part of the ORSKA tribe, we have prepared jewelry that consists of two distinctly different lines. The clash of heterogeneous styles is an attempt to respond to different needs, which often change depending on the circumstances. Men are looking for jewelry that is more than just an elegant accessory to a suit. Strict rules and clearly defined uniforms have given way to a more casual and versatile closet. Still, the field of men's jewelry is dominated by formal accessories, such as classic watches. It lacks original and bold designs. Therefore, we have created a collection that emphasizes the originality and complexity of men's style.

Men's jewelry from the Lava collection

The LAVA jewelry collection is inspired by the unpredictable and wild nature of the volcano. It features large, expressive, and eye-catching designs. The strong jewelry, although it looks heavy, wears lightly. It is practical and comfortable.

In the collection you will find jewelry inspired by hot lava flowing softly down volcanic slopes, which when solidified forms porous stones with an irregular surface. We translated the unobvious structure of volcanic rocks into jewelry forms at the ORSKA studio in Poznań. The heated liquid silver was applied by our jewelers in drops and then polished layer by layer. As a result, the seemingly rough surface is smooth, delicate, and looks almost liquid. The rings, earrings, and bracelets created in this way have additional burned irregular holes of different sizes. The cast metal formed asymmetrical structures that resemble fragments of volcanic rock.

The collection also includes bracelets, rings, and earrings inspired by solidified lava - the powerful untamed force settles on the surface of the earth in the form of stones with sharp edges. The minimalist jewelry with geometric shapes and clearly defined lines has a raw industrial style. It evokes associations with primal strength and power. Jewelry from this line is decorated with brass studs, which emphasize its bold character.

The line is complemented by a series of short necklaces. The asymmetrical ball chain is decorated with a monolith-shaped pendant. The geometric form was made from a single piece of metal, in which each cut and facet was made by hand.

How to wear and style men’s jewelry?

Jewelry for men is in fashion. Actors, singers, and popular businessmen are more often seen wearing bold accessories in vibrant colors and with original design. Pearl necklaces, wide bracelets, extravagant rings, and leather jewelry for men have made their way to the runways and social media for good. You can also find them at ORSKA! How to style bold accessories designed by Anna Orska? We suggest some timeless sets that will appeal to both beginners and fashion icons.

With a touch of elegance

For the office, formal occasions, and more classic styling, we recommend the silver ring from the Lava collection. The jewelry will work well in duet with the round pin from the New Stone collection. Such a combination is both discreet and characterful. Jewelry in a small size looks best in combination with simple and elegant outfits subtly attracting attention.

With a twist

For informal styling, in situations where you can reach for a more casual and street style, choose the short necklace with a simple rough pendant from the Lava collection. If, in addition, you can indulge in a bit of humor that attracts attention and evokes loud cheers, then choose the magnificent insect-shaped brooch from the Plantis collection, such as the grasshopper in a vibrant green color or the blue pansy that blooms all year round. Unique accessories will not go unnoticed.

With character

The handmade raw bracelet from the Lava collection likes company! That is why it looks most characterful in a duo. Wear several bracelets at once or one on each wrist. And for greater effect, combine them with a ring from the same collection. The industrial style and deep cuts will give the whole outfit a rock vibe.

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