Biżuteria z kolekcjiMaris Shells from sea creatures are actually their abandoned homes. So crustaceans are small artists and sophisticated architects of nature. They form conical and curved constructions with sculptural character that smoothly change from roundness and smooth surfaces to sharp edges and roughness. Ania Orska, appreciating the artistry of their works, faithfully reproduced them in jewelry. She recreated the complex shapes of the shells in metal, exposing their minor imperfections. She used both whole shells and their fragments, thanks to which she obtained a new quality. Rich textures also transferred to simple elements of jewelry finishing, creating intentional irregularities on the rails of rings and hoop rings. The Maris collection is a leap into the oceanic world, faithfully transferred to our reality. Based on a free concept, it was possible to create nonchalant jewelry, very feminine and light. Realistic designs and the way they are made are a praise of authenticity, a reminder that nature is not worth improving, because it always delivers timeless patterns of beauty.