Biżuteria z kolekcjiMexico A country with as many colours as Mexico certainly does not leave anyone indifferent. The hot and vibrant culture has shaped no less energetic art. This art seduced Ania Orska and made her move in search of a concept to create a new collection of jewellery. She found it in the alebrijes - sculptures made of copal wood, hand-painted in uniquely colourful, geometric patterns. As a result, truly artistic jewellery was created. Each piece is a unique work of art combining sculpture, painting and goldsmith art. Each item is decorated with different patterns, painted with lines thick as hair, which draw on the beliefs of the Zapotec people. There are items referring to such important values as family, respect, hope or work. They remind us that the fundamental issues are timeless, independent of the changing world and equally important in any culture. The leading motifs of sculptures are animals of power that are of great symbolic importance to Mexicans, such as jaguars, lizards, hummingbirds and snakes. In addition, simple geometrical forms, hemispheric or circle shaped elements made of local nut shells were created. Jewellery from the Mexico collection is full of shapes and colours. The strongly artistic expression is the merit of faithfully reproducing Indian art, without the intention of correcting it or interfering in such a complete and coherent style.