The rebellion in art closed one door, but opened another. The negation of classical rules and forms gave rise to a new aesthetic that does not imitate reality, but seeks a separate language of expression. When creating the limited collection of PARER jewelry, the designer Anna Orska drew from art that breaks conventions. Soft lines are borrowed from the surrealists, irregular shapes and spots - from the abstractionists, and the opposition of colors, nobility of materials, and decorativeness of ornaments from the art deco architecture. Artistic eclecticism creates a new pantheon of meanings that reinterprets tradition and classically understood elegance. The combination of contrasts: black onyx and white pearls, soft spots and sharp lines, the treasures of the sea and the creations of the earth, is the best proof that opposites attract.


Necklace with irregular pearls from the Parer collection Necklace with irregular pearls from the Parer collection
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The Parer collection designed by Anna Orska is a combination of the favorite stone of the art deco style - black onyx, and the timeless symbol of elegance - natural pearls. Noble materials in contrasting colors have created jewelry that cannot go unnoticed. Distinct forms, extravagant necklaces, and impressive bracelets; asymmetrical earrings, and open rings attract attention. This jewelry is not only an accessory - it creates the whole!

Handcrafted jewelry from the Parer collection challenges the classically understood elegance. What was well known for centuries, in the interpretation of ORSKA, is shown in a completely new context. A fresh perspective reveals new possibilities! The black and white jewelry proves that classic patterns don’t have to be boring. On the contrary, it can be original, bold, and unusual; and at the same time still universal and timeless.

The treasures of the earth and the creations of the sea used in the Parer collection have been valued in jewelry for millennia. They are also ascribed symbolic properties. Believe it or not. But it’s worth getting to know them. Whether you are captivated by their appearance or the esoteric aspect, the combination of onyx and pearls has the power!

Pearls are a popular theme in art: from paintings (Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer) to movies and songs. Over the centuries, they were adored by the crowned heads and popular public figures (from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama!), which made them very fashionable to wear. But life is not only about fame and red carpet events ;) Pearls were also popular backstage / behind the scenes. They are a symbol of fidelity and constancy, therefore jewelry with pearls will be a tangible proof of a sincere declaration and a beautiful gift for the chosen one. The creamy white gems are strongly associated with innocence, femininity, and motherhood. Formerly it was believed that they protect against evil and favor fortune. They also appear in many old beliefs and legends. Christians recognize pearls as an attribute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and in Greek mythology they function as an ornament of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

We distinguish between freshwater and saltwater pearls. The type of water reservoir and the species of clam define their shape. In most jewelry the most valued pearls are the perfectly spherical ones, without any flaws, and in a creamy white color - although in nature they come in many different colors (from cream, gray, and pink, to completely black). In the ORSKA studio, pearls appeared several times, but they always had a very irregular form. We like the “imperfect perfection” of pearls, which is why we reach for the most unique and original specimens. This step outside the box is a great opportunity to discover the non-obvious aspects of natural beauty on your own.

Black onyx is an object of desire for collectors and, according to some, a wonderful amulet. Jewelry with onyx will be the perfect gift for a person who is facing a big challenge. Onyx is a symbol of endurance and self-control - it is a stone of assertive people with a bold character. It will be an indispensable amulet for adventurers. It can also be a good charm / talisman for couples - it heralds the end of the struggle and a successful finale.

Onyx is also found in nature in many colorful varieties, but in jewelry, its black version is used the most often. This natural stone is associated with good taste and elegance. Its strength lies in its noble simplicity, which is often emphasized by the golden color of the metal. A necklace, bracelet, or ring with onyx will be a great choice for people who are looking for a subtle emphasis of their own style on a daily basis.

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