Biżuteria z kolekcjiTache If we consider life as a performance and our own body as a canvas - then each of us is an embodied work of art. The freedom to decide on our own style, which we are currently enjoying, is unprecedented, so it is worth exercising this privilege.

By creating the Tache collection, Ania Orska followed the work of abstract artists. This resulted in the creation of a series of jewellery brush strokes. Smooth, thick lines materialized in the form of impressive, asymmetrical earrings.

Creating gives you a unique pleasure. To enjoy it every day, it is enough to skilfully use the colour and form of the outfit and all accessories, becoming both the creator and the work. Maybe, then, try and start composition with the abstract line of unconventional jewellery? This could be the beginning of a new and interesting style in the art of living.