The Tattoo collection is a combination of what is most beautiful in jewelry with what is most characteristic in a tattoo. It is the result of the collaboration between the designer Anna Orska and Sławek Frączek, one of the first tattoo masters in Poland. Jewelry from the Tattoo collection is decorated with images inspired by Japanese culture, history, and mythology. Transmission belts and scraps from the production of vintage bags are framed in brass forms with a forged surface. Each necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings was tattooed from a few to several hours with vegan inks not tested on animals. The limited jewelry allows you to decorate the body in a highly distinctive way, while maintaining the right to change your mind or style. The ambassador of the collection is Mela Koteluk, a singer and songwriter, who is best known for her non-obvious and surprising musical combinations.


Artistic necklace with tattooed phoenix pendant Artistic necklace with tattooed phoenix pendant
Vendor: ORSKA
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The jewelry from the Tattoo collection is limited, which means that it has been prepared in a very limited number of copies. Each necklace, bracelet, or ring was decorated for many hours in Sławek Frączek's tattoo studio. When the artist finished his work, ORSKA jewelers and craftsmen began theirs. The tattooed leather is framed in brass forms with a forged or polished surface. Each piece of jewelry has the artist’s signature engraved in the brass, as well as an individual feature of manual work, which makes each copy unique in its own way.

The tattooed jewelry - how was it made?

The Tattoo collection was created slowly and in focus for over three years. At first Sławek Frączek designed the tattoos inspired by the mythology, history, and culture of Japan. He transferred symbolic motifs to jewelry, creating an original and colorful world to which everyone is invited. Then he matched the patterns to the forms prepared by the designer Anna Orska. In the next steps, the sketch was traced onto the leather in the same way as when tattooing human skin. The main coloring process was divided into three stages: contouring, applying shadows with black ink, and then filling with color. To avoid staining, the jewelry was first covered with light and then dark shades.

The necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings from the Tattoo collection are handcrafted. The leather was used in line with the idea of less waste. It comes from transmission belts and production waste that ORSKA acquired from a familiar leathercraft workshop. The inks used to make the tattoos on the jewelry are fully vegan and not tested on animals.

Why tattooed jewelry?

When tattooing a human body, the artist must adapt their vision to the client’s expectations, because the painting on the skin will stay with the client forever. When creating the original jewelry, you can focus more on your vision. Here the artist’s idea and will are sacred. Jewelry emphasizes style and character, fits with the occasion, improves mood. When we evolve and change, the jewelry can be easily removed or replaced with another. Through a necklace or bracelet, the artist is invited to the client’s world on his own terms. The Tattoo collection combines what is most beautiful in jewelry with what is most characteristic in the art of tattoo. You don’t have to limit yourself to one design, you can change it whenever you feel the need to.

The most fashionable tattoo is jewelry

Even the most trendy tattoos can get monotonous over time. When choosing a particular pattern, the owner has to remember that it will stay with them for life. That’s why the tattooed jewelry is a great alternative to traditional tattooing. The original idea of Anna Orska and Sławek Frączek will work especially for people who like diversity or those who are not convinced of the idea of decorating their body forever. The tattooed jewelry attracts attention and stands out from the crowd. It fits perfectly with the everyday style, adds character, and emphasizes uniqueness. It looks good in combination with a white shirt or blazer - original and expressive, and at the same time so classic that it easily fits into the official dress code. The tattoo necklace, asymmetrical earrings, or wide cuff bracelet will also work as a bold complement to evening outfits. Impressive and unique jewelry from the Tattoo collection will guarantee that no one will pass by you indifferently.

Tattooed jewelry vs real tattoo

The jewelry from the Tattoo collection will work in both women’s and men’s wardrobe. It will appeal to people who love tattoos and regularly visit tattoo studios. But it will also meet the expectations of those who still cannot decide to get a tattoo for various reasons. Choose a design that suits your style and your personality.

Tattoo designs - men’s tattoo, women’s tattoo

The jewelry from the Tattoo collection is decorated with symbols and patterns inspired by Japanese culture. Each of them was designed by Sławek Frączek. The original images are full of symbolic meaning. If you are wondering which of the tattoos enclosed in jewelry to choose, their hidden message can help you make your decision.

Jewelry with a peony

The peony is called the queen of flowers and symbolizes the strength of the emperor. It is also an attribute of noble warriors and samurai. It can symbolize health and good luck. In the Tattoo collection you will find delicate stud earrings with the peony flower motif. The flower in full bloom also adorns the necklace and the cuff bracelet, and in the engraved version both the ring with an open band and the signet ring.

Jewelry with a cherry blossom

The cherry blossom has a special place in Japanese culture. The famous Hanami festival attracts thousands of tourists every year, who want to feast their eyes on the tiny pink and white flowers. The jewelry with cherry blossom will be the perfect talisman for people who live according to the carpe diem maxim. The symbol of fleeting moments and the fragility of life reminds us of the joy that should be derived from every moment. In the Tattoo collection you will find asymmetrical stud earrings and a pin with this motif.

Jewelry with a phoenix

The divine bird appears at important moments, such as the birth of a new ruler. The phoenix is also a symbol of prosperity, stability, and peace. Its absence may herald the coming chaos. The beautiful animal, apart from its hopeful symbolism, also attracts attention with its mesmerizing appearance. In the Tattoo collection you will find it in many designs. The stiff, irregularly shaped cuff bracelet is framed in brass, thanks to which the bird of paradise not only looks impressive, but is also properly protected. The phoenix motif can also be found in the chain link bracelet with an engraved pendant, earrings, and pins.

Jewelry with a dragon

The dragon is one of the main themes in Japanese mythology. It represents a strong, intimidating nature and brings good and prosperity. This symbol can also be found in jewelry from the Tattoo collection. Your attention should be drawn to the unique leather bracelet - on the wide surface the tattooed dragon looks original and impressive! You will also find it in other designs. The chain link bracelet, pins, earrings, and even the golden keychain - dragon ornaments can take over your wardrobe. And remember, fortune favors the bold!

Jewelry with a heart, jewelry with an eye of providence

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings with tattoos inspired by Japanese culture are complemented by jewelry with classic tattoo designs. You will find the heart and eye of providence, among others on the asymmetrical earrings. These patterns are more universal and more commonly recognized. You can also encounter them in some of the pop culture works. If you miss the style of the eighties and nineties, you will surely like them.

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