Using the most characteristic jewel of classic jewelry, Anna Orska could not do otherwise than interpret it in a completely unconventional way. The designer once again appreciated nature, keeping the individual character of her designs. The irregular structure of the uncut diamonds created by the Earth is proof of our planet’s undeniable masterpiece. Each piece and each line of stones from the Verum collection was created many millions of years ago and in its unchanged form, framed in bold and non-standard frames. Thanks to this, the past connects with the present in an original way. The Verum collection emphasizes the non-obvious nature of beauty - the most valuable things do not always shine the brightest. Sometimes they go beyond the norms and canons.


Diamonds are a symbol of love. The permanent, everlasting, pure, and unconditional one. They will not let go of the most beautiful moments in life, enclosing emotions in their insides forever and turning them into eternally vivid memories. Their timeless beauty has been framed in the ORSKA studio in sterling silver and gold-plated silver. The limited collection includes delicate necklaces, small stud earrings, and rings. Artistic jewelry that combines tradition and an unconventional look, will be perfect as an engagement ring or a jubilee souvenir.

Diamond jewelry - What you need to know

Diamonds are the hardest and most beautiful form of pure coal. Precious stones created many millions of years ago are considered a symbol of luxury and desire, which is why they are eagerly used in jewelry. However, only 10-20% of mined diamonds have the potential to decorate jewelry. The perfectly transparent ones are the most valued, although most minerals contain trace amounts of other elements. Diamonds are most often machined, i.e. they are polished and used in that form to decorate rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. There is a whole system of grading and assessing the quality of these stones.

Diamond jewelry - Artistic combination of uncut stones

However, not every designer dreams of creating a collection using classically cut stones. Some, like designer Anna Orska, appreciate the unique nature of raw stones and use them to create unique necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Artistic jewelry with uncut diamonds is unique and characterful. It is a creative tribute to the world’s most talented artist - nature. The raw pieces were carved by the forces of Mother Earth many millions of years ago. Therefore, in their insides, they hide a history that is older than any man. Anyone who wears jewelry from the Verum collection can add their own chapter to this story.

Diamond jewelry - Place of origin

The place where the diamonds are mined is very important and closely monitored. For example, as part of the Kimberley Process initiative, diamond supply sources are carefully verified. It is done to avoid the so-called blood diamonds, i.e. diamonds sourced from conflict areas. We want to state it very clearly so that you don’t have to worry: the diamonds from the Verum collection do not come from the conflict areas. Anna Orska purchased them from a friend collector with whom she has been working for years and who has all the necessary documents.

Diamond jewelry - How to wear Anna Orska’s artistic designs?

The jewelry with uncut stones designed by Anna Orska combines tradition with modernity in a subtle and original way. The elegant jewelry will create a discreetly eye-catching set, but it will also work great with designs from other ORSKA collections. The short necklace with diamonds and silver drops matches both a white shirt and an evening outfit. Together with the diamond earrings, they form a duo that cannot be missed at any great gala or jubilee. The delicate bracelet will be perfect as a discreet decoration at work, adding elegance to simple stylizations. It will look great both with a white t-shirt and with a cocktail dress. You can also enjoy wearing it during romantic dinners.

And since we are on the subject of romance, it’s impossible not to mention the diamond ring. The silver band ring with a brushed surface is decorated with a gold-plated element that holds the uncut diamond. If you are looking for an engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place :) The ORSKA diamond ring expresses a whole range of beautiful emotions and cannot wait to witness this unique moment. So do not hesitate and invite it to the proposal :)

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