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Unique natural agate ring with colorful band from the Terra collection (1)

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  • 100% agate
  • Height of the ring approx. 3.1 cm
  • Width of the ring approx. 2.5 cm
  • Width of the band 0.6 - 2 cm

Unique jewelry from the Terra collection

Natural stones deserve their own kingdom no less than plants and animals, since their diversity and range are in no way inferior to other empires. Minerals were born over centuries, unhurriedly acquiring their natural structures and colors. Perfection should not be rushed! Thanks to thousands of years of Earth's work, today we can enjoy the harmonizing power of mountain crystals, the strengthening effect of onyx or the love-promoting cobalto calcite. It is also worth noting a slightly less popular mineral belonging to the quartz family and delighting with its rich color palette. In ancient Egypt, agate was used to make statues of deities and was attributed magical properties. In ancient Greece and the Renaissance, talismans and amulets were carved from it, which were recommended to speakers, politicians and lawyers. It was believed that the gift of beautiful speech was enchanted in them. Even in the days of the nobility in Poland, signet rings were created from the red variety of agate, which were worn by the nobility. If you don't believe in talismans, you can simply appreciate Mother Nature's exceptional artistic abilities and ORSKA's original design. This combination has power!

Unique ring carved from colorful agate

The ring from the Terra collection was created from a single piece of natural agate. All its charm is due to Mother Nature and skilled hands that carved the ring in the mineral. Its shape is highlighted by natural inclusions that form unique patterns, which bring to mind oriental mandalas. The band in colors of brown, white and gray has been polished, making its surface smooth, shiny and partially transparent. The concave oval front of the ring in white and beige color has a botryoidal structure resembling a cluster of grapes. In addition, it is decorated with shimmering particles in the light, which were formed through a natural crystallization process.

Unique rings from the Terra collection are only available in one piece in a specific size. It is not possible to change the size. The product is fragile, it is recommended to protect it from falling. On our site under the "Jewelry Sizes" tab you will find tips on how to choose the perfect ring size.

How to style natural stone ring

Impressive rings have been popular for years. They emphasize style, add confidence and boldly attract attention. No two rings in the Terra collection are alike, just as no two minerals are alike. Each one has something distinctive about it, something that cannot be replicated. And it gives an individual charm to anyone who owns it. Such a ring will certainly suit evening occasions, when you need an accessory that will add an artistic touch to a simple styling. Large rings can be matched with a simple suit, a plain t-shirt or a boho-style dress. Just match them with small accessories in the form of a delicate chain or a small pin. The ring with agate will go well with ORSKA jewelry in gold color, for example, from the Moon and New Stone collections or the vegan Vivo handbag.

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