Bali collection - unity in diversity

Before you decide to set off into the world, you should think twice. It's almost certain that your trip will be the first of many journeys. If you want to avoid constantly feeling that you are wasting time while the world's hidden secrets await you, you'd better not leave your part of the World to begin with. Once awakened, wanderlust will never leave you alone.

Anna Orska's trip to Nepal, where she created her first oriental collection, marked the beginning of a new, important chapter for her brand. Her experiences and the wealth of inspiration she encountered there urged the designer to search for new, culturally rich regions where she would create her next hand-crafted collections. Indonesia, known as the cradle of handicraft, seemed the perfect destination.

For a few weeks, the artist settled on a small family farm near Ubud on the island of Bali, where she designed a jewelry collection, working with artisans from several local workshops.

Bali's ubiquitous sculptures became a natural inspiration for the collection. The figures of good and evil spirits can be found everywhere on the island, guarding houses, gates, squares and crossroads. They also found their way into the concept of the new ethnic collection.

The motto of the Indonesian archipelago, which proclaims unity in diversity, seems very appropriate for this part of the world. Not because of Indonesia's extraordinary cultural and ethnic diversity, but also its stunning abundance of flora and fauna. On Bali, people live in the rythm of nature, surrounded by lush vegetation inhabited by unusual animals. Their influence on the designs created on Bali is the strongest. The minature black and white sculptures are shaped like beaks and claws, fins, sharks' teeth and the skulls of birds and buffalo. The pieces resemble talismans, amulets and small, contemporary totems.

All of these elements are intricately hand-sculpted. The local artists who worked on them have been perfecting their carving techniques throughout their lives, exercising incredible precision and patience. Every piece they create is the result of many hours of meticulous work. Their skills are handed down from generation to generation – an existential philosophy of sorts.

Each hand-crafted element is unique or limited. The Balinese sculptures call for equality regardless of differences. We hope the exotic figures, dedicated to women as well as men, will breathe their inspiring symbolism into the everyday lives of their new owners

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