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ORSKA w Peru

ORSKA in Peru

High up in the Andes, in the heart of Peru, thousands of metres of thread are spun each day. Whole village communities gather to work together and pass their skills on to new generations. Each hand-crafted item is the weaver's personal tale, the manifestation of his or her unique life experience and the story of a community. Spellbound by the communal spirit of the Andes, Anna Orska decided to add her own chapter to these incredible stories.
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ORSKA in Mexico

Mexico. The name itself evokes a multitude of connotations – sunny skies, beaches, deserts, the famous Mexican temperament or Aztec culture. There are plenty of possibilities, but one thing is certain – a country with so many colours will leave no-one indifferent. This hot-blooded, vibrant culture has shaped an equally energetic art scene, which seduced Anna Orska and urged her to go there to look for inspiration for her new jewelry collection.
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ORSKA in Vietnam

The destination was no accident – Halong bay is a picturesque place where tree-covered mountains rise straight out of the emerald water. The sea hides much more than just rocks – the bay is famous for its pearl farms... 
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ORSKA na Bali

Before you decide to set off into the world, you should think twice. It's almost certain that your trip will be the first of many journeys. If you want to avoid constantly feeling that you are wasting time while the world's hidden secrets await you, you'd better not leave your part of the World to begin with. Once awakened, wanderlust will never leave you alone...
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ORSKA w Nepalu

Anna Orska took the slightly dangerous, but very thrilling 30-hour journey by plane, tuk-tuk, bus and on foot, finally reaching the village of Pharping near Kathmandu. She lived in a Buddhist monastery, where she opened her temporary workshop. ... 
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