Pin from Plantis collection

€ 60.00

Shipping time: 2-14 days
  • 100% brass
  • total length of the pin approx. 4 cm

Inspired by the beauty of the Tatra Mountains, a new plant blossomed in the ORSKA workshop. Miłosna górska (Adenostyles Alliariae) is a characteristic flower of Polish mountains, which decorates high mountain landscapes and shores of mountain ponds and streams. The extensive inflorescence catches the eye with its cool pink colour. The artistic pin is a perfect statement piece for nature enthusiasts who care about its well-being. The original jewellery piece is supposed to remind you that enjoying the values of nature is a privilege, but also a responsibility that rests on each of us.

Part of the income from the sale of the pin will support the Tatra Mountains National Park.

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