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Necklace from Vietnam collection - VIN136-2

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graphite and red lacquer
graphite and black lacquer

Artistic necklace designed by Anna Orska in Vietnam. Massive front of the necklace consists of many pieces including three long red tassels and three round elements handmade by local artists in Vietnam. The round elements were made using ancient, Asian technique of lacquer and encrusted with hand-curved nacre in the shape of floral ornaments characteristic of Vietnam. The round red pieces are divided with silver with small cultivated pearls on the sides. All the elements were hanged on a string of saltwater pearls from Halong Bay. The necklace is a true statement piece. Its length beneath waist and the vivid colors make it impossible to overlook. Beautifully flowing tassels give it really exotic and feminine look. The necklace requires only a good background like sheer dress or monochromatic tunic to make stunning outfit

The jewelry from Vietnam collection is limited

30% pearls
30% silver
20% cotton
15% lacquer
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