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Jewelry designer, bicycle enthusiast, travel lover. Art and design have been present in her life since childhood. Vintage ornaments and objects from her family home became the centerpiece of one of her early collections. This is how she discovered her love for upcycling, which she used to create jewelry as one of the first Polish designers. Giving objects a second life and placing them in a completely new context became one of the hallmarks of the ORSKA jewelry brand she created. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, she holds a doctorate in fine arts and is the author of thousands of jewelry designs and small design forms. She does not follow trends, she creates timeless pieces.

Anna Orska jewlry designer
Anna Orska craft jewelry designer

Handwork is her form of meditation. Together with a team of specialists and jewelers, ORSKA is working on many projects at once, but not every one of them will see the light of day. Some will remain hidden for months before she returns to them, and some may never premiere.

In search of inspiration, she traavels through forests and meadows, exploring the mysteries of the insect micro-world. She uses the objects around her to create. She has already created jewelry from thousand-year-old oak wood from the castle of Mieszko I, car and computer parts, mechanisms of pre-war watches, old sailing ropes and fragments of meteorites. Experimentation and exploration are in her blood.

She is a woman of the sea. For her, the Baltic is a metaphor for freedom. She loves the coolness of its salty waters, the unpredictable wind and the countless shades of blue and green.

Anna Orska - handmade jewlry designer
Water is my element Boats in Thailand
Anna Orska in Mexico

Crafts of the World

Once a year, Ania embarks on a design journey in search of rare, often dying crafts and new materials. From each trip she brings back remarkable stories of the people she works with. In the Peruvian Andes, Lucio and his wife Rosa helped her overcome weaknesses caused by acute mountain sickness. In Mexico, Gabriel and Fransisca patiently taught her how to cut copal trees and made sure that when she used a machete for the first time in her life, she didn't hurt herself. Nepalese master Ramesh took her to his workshop and showed her the craft, despite the fact that in his culture it is a profession that a woman cannot practice.

explore crafts of the world
Anna Orska in Peru
Wide bracelets by ORSKA

Ania is a fan of striking jewelry forms. Her wrists are always adorned with wide bracelets from the Moon and Machines collections, which she juxtaposes with narrower designs from various ORSKA collections. She also likes to combine necklaces - she wears long chains with shorter, more delicate necklaces, which creates original compositions. The mix of styles, materials and colors allows her to express herself.

Anna Orska - handmade jewelry designer Anna Orska - handmade jewelry designer
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