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Limited collections and unique jewelry are hallmarks of Anna Orska. The designer often uses unique materials to create necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets in single copies. The unique character of the jewelry is also due to the process of its creation - each piece of jewelry, each bracelet is created by several craftsmen and jewelers in the ORSKA workshop. Some designs of original jewelry are created during distant travels and are made in very limited quantities each time. Some of them are created using natural stones and raw materials with individual shapes, textures, and colors. Unique jewelry has a special character. Just like you.

At the ORSKA atelier, we create a variety of jewelry. We work with many original materials, often adapting techniques from non-jewellery areas. Some of the collections we create are limited, and among them it is not uncommon to find one-of-a-kind pieces, i.e. jewelry made only in one copy. The creative process and continuous development are of the highest value to us, so we are not afraid to create designs produced in several pieces. After all, it's not quantity that counts, but quality.

You are here because you are looking for something unique. You like jewelry that is not a product of mass production. Like us, you appreciate handmade and local craftsmanship. That's why you will appreciate unique bracelets designed by Anna Orskaya. Among them you will find bracelets from the travel collections - woven in the high Andes or carved in copal wood and painted in traditional Mexican colors - and bracelets made from unusual materials, in cooperation with great specialists and artists. No two pieces are the same. While they may be similar in design, each was made and decorated by a different artisan, who marked it with his individual style.

Unique bracelets from the Tattoo collection

Unique ORSKA bracelets can also be found in the Tattoo collection. The bracelets were created from transmission belts and leather waste from the process of creating handbags from a befriended leathercraft workshop. They were created in accordance with the idea of less waste. The unique bracelets are decorated with tattoos by Sławek Frączek, one of the first tattoo masters in Poland. Sławek tattooed them for many hours - it took him about 2-3 days of work to make a single piece. The bracelets are decorated with symbols inspired by Japanese culture: phoenix, peony, dragon, and cherry blossom have metaphorical meanings, which according to some beliefs can add strength and bring prosperity.

The unique bracelets from the Tattoo collection are made in limited quantities and each has its own individual character. Although the shape of the leather and brass finish in each piece is the same, the bracelets differ in details - intensity and color palette, lines, and fine graphic elements. By tattooing jewelry from the Tattoo collection, Sławek Frączek gave it a personal touch. He made each piece unique so you can be sure your bracelet is one of a kind.

Unique bracelets from the Mexico collection

Once in a while Anna Orska goes on a design journey in search of rare techniques, crafts, and materials. The result is jewelry created in collaboration with local artisans, designed in line with local culture and character, which entails an intercultural exchange of inspiration and skills. During the trip to Mexico, the designer created the jewelry by carving small forms in copal wood. Unique bracelets from the Mexico collection in the shape of wild animals (culturally important to the local community) are decorated with a hair-thick brush in patterns inspired by Zapotec symbolism. Among them, the most impressive is a wide bracelet in the shape of a snake. The symbol of immortality, fertility, and prosperity in the jewelry interpretation adorns not only the wrist, but also part of the forearm. The impressive and original bracelet is both light and comfortable.

Unique bracelets from Peru collection

In Peru, Anna Orska wove the jewelry, which Polish embroiderers decorated with beads made of natural stones. Later ORSKA jewelers and specialists working in the designer's studio framed them in brass elements. This cross-cultural cooperation gave birth to unique jewelry, which was made in very limited quantities. The wide cuff bracelet from the Peru collection is a carrier of many personal stories. Created by several people, each of whom left their mark on it, it is a record of intercontinental friendship and respect.


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