“MUNG” - Vegan bag from the VIVO collection

Shipping time: 2-14 days
  • Material: AppleSkin™ – vegan apple leather (read more about the material)
  • Framing: 100% brass in gold color
  • Measurements: length 39 cm, width 26 cm, height 8 cm
  • Strap: length 100 cm, width 4 cm
  • In front embossed ORSKA logo in gold, approx. 3.5 x 0.8 cm
  • Full set contains: the bag, the strap, one charm pendant of your choice
  • Additional accessories: chain, keychain

The limited series of VIVO bags is the result of a pact that we have made with nature. Handcrafted with traditional leathercraft standards, in local workshops, with sustainably produced materials, it reminds us that the choices we make today affect what our tomorrow will look like.

The bag is made of vegan leather made from apple peel and pomace – a byproduct of apple juice production process. The organic shape inspired by a bean is decorated with a strap made of the same material, with decorative links attached to the ends. The bag is closed with a covered magnet, hidden under a satin finish brass element which adds elegance and character – well known to all lovers of Anna Orska’s designs. Mung can be worn in various ways: the bag with the strap will be perfect for everyday looks, and worn on its own, it will serve as a charming evening clutch bag. You can also replace the strap with a brass chain, which thanks to the adjustable clasp may turn into a delightful necklace. Great things can grow from a small seed, which is why Mung makes you tremble with emotions. In good hands, it will sprout quickly. A natural joy of being yours grows out of it.

AppleSkin™ and WineLeather are natural materials which may change color and structure over time. Please read how to take care of Mung so that it will please the eye for as long as possible. The number of bags is limited. Each comes with a certificate and has an individual number.

The model is 178 cm tall.

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