Vietnam by ORSKA - Travel album

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This book was created as spontaneously as the idea of ​​traveling the world in search of traditional crafts. From the beginning, only the purpose of my adventure is known. I buy a ticket and choose a few places I would like to visit, but the reality is that the journey guides me and allows me to move forward. It has its own rhythm full of unexpected changes and new discoveries. I have learned to be open to what is to come, and thanks to that I am in places that I never planned to go to. After my return, my greatest regret is that I cannot share with you all the amazing adventures I have experienced, the wonderful landscapes I have seen, the wonderful people I have met and the amazing workshops I have worked in. I am the only one who knows the true story behind every stone, pearl and ornament that I have selected and used in my collection. This time I thought I would like to give you a glimpse of these experiences and emotions through my notes and photos. After Bali, India and Nepal, I decided to visit Vietnam. For the first time, I took my family with me. I wanted to show my children my passion for traveling and experience the adventure together. Now I invite you on my journey through Vietnam.

– Anna Orska

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